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Join to talk about all things Hip-Hop/Rap and music in general. Home to YouTuber Hip-Hop Universe.


Official Discord Server of Rap YouTuber Hip-Hop Universe. This is a community for Old School and New School Hip-Hop Enthusiasts. ⭐│Daily Hip-Hop News ⭐│Hip-Hop Hot Takes! ⭐│Entertainment Only Chat ⭐│General Chat ⭐│Hip-Hop Related Art, Iconic Photos & Album Covers ⭐│Music Listening Parties ⭐│Tier Lists ⭐│Custom Polls Chat ⭐│Album Reviews ⭐│Pets and Food Channels. ⭐│Dozens of exclusive Hip-Hop related Emojis ⭐│VIP Channels for Server Boosters 🌟│Direct discussion with YouTuber Hip-Hop Universe (1.4 Million Subscribers)


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