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SNAKE 🐍 RAP background
SNAKE 🐍 RAP users-three 4392 253 14 14

Somos un servidor HipHop dedicado a las BATALLAS DE RAP improvisado. Tenemos un competitivo sistema basado en TORNEOS DIARIOS, una LIGA al estilo FMS y muchos compes con FORMATOS ÚNICOS. ¿A qué esperas para unirte?

Hip Hop World background
Hip Hop World users-three 6516 617

A community for hip hop / rap fans and artists who wanna discuss the genre. New school, old school, everyone is welcome.

chill party + Nitro & Robux background
chill party + Nitro & Robux users-three 1893 232

We filter through all the unknown music artists and pick out the best songs to help you discover new music.

CYBER DRILL HQ background
CYBER DRILL HQ users-three 31 8 2 2

We are a new community for producers of all genres looking to share their work and connect with other producers. Artists, rappers, and music lovers are always welcome too.

Hip-Hop Universe background
Hip-Hop Universe users-three 1329 144 20 20

Join to talk about all things Hip-Hop/Rap and music in general. Home to YouTuber Hip-Hop Universe.