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📽Photography📹 background
📽Photography📹 users-three 523 97 2 2

We are a community that enjoys sharing photography, photography tips, and experiences. We host weekly contests, assign special roles to deserving members and work hard to keep photography interesting.

Hip-Hop Universe background
Hip-Hop Universe users-three 4501 541 19 19

Join to talk about all things Hip-Hop/Rap. Home to YouTubers DJ Skandalous & Hip-Hop Universe!

upcoming artists background
upcoming artists users-three 16 5

if your looking for place to find music artists to collab or feature on a song and get advice and feedback aswell as promote your socails heres the server

RnB n Rap background
RnB n Rap users-three 36 18

The best server to discuss rap music, and find new artists.

・゚✧  𝙣𝙚𝙪𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘  ✧・゚ background
・゚✧  𝙣𝙚𝙪𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘  ✧・゚ users-three 969 218 4 4

A mental-health server with support groups and venting channels.

Cloudia background
Cloudia users-three 28 5

Welcome to Cloudia! Which is another community server with many friendly people and games which are coming soon!

The United Underground background
The United Underground users-three 4293 709 16 16

We help Music Producers, Rappers, Singers, Sound Engineers, whatever you do with music, we have a community that will help you out, we do daily contests, and host interviews!

Sin’s Community background
Sin’s Community users-three 13 8

🌼 Sin’s Community is a growing group that is helping people make friends! 🌼

Geo's World ❄ background
Geo's World ❄ users-three 320 59 2 2

Welcome to Geo's World! We are a geography community! Here, we talk about the earth, countries, flags and more. The server will officially open on 20th June 2022, but you can still join it right now, and apply for moderator and more!

blackbear background
blackbear users-three 1962 331 14 14

#1 blackbear Discord community! We discuss bear's music, provide updates from his social media feeds, and host listening parties. While that's true, this place is of course not limited to just blackbear, but we can all come together as his fans.

Cryptocracy background
Cryptocracy users-three 60 21

Are you searching for some new puzzles? Did you try out decrypting messages? Come over here!

The Society ™ background
The Society ™ users-three 46 14

Jus finished tha server ds took 2 damn long fa it ta only have 6 niggas in it nd only 2 of em b active so….. I’m also lookn fa staff n shi like det lmk disco ; geekely#0001

🍂| EqualDesigns background
🍂| EqualDesigns users-three 1630 260 2 2

🗿| Equal Designs - That's where new talents.- We making and showing you some designs that are equal to nft's.- The community is always great and peaceful .- When you order a design we will finish it in only 2 days.

The Visionary Kings 雷嵐火 background
The Visionary Kings 雷嵐火 users-three 28 19

Hello there fellow human being! We are a community where u can be yourself and do lots of fun stuff(check it out yourself)! Our server is mainly about everyone having a place that they can call home and where they can have fun! What are you waiting for go check us out!👑

⊹  ˚Healing Meadows₊🍄🍁 background
⊹  ˚Healing Meadows₊🍄🍁 users-three 386 74 8 8

At Recovery Gardens it's our number one goal to equip people struggling with mental issues with the coping skills they need to make life easier. None of our staff are professionals and can diagnose/handle crisis situations, however we have resources to help with both!

📣 Vuestra promoción[400] background
📣 Vuestra promoción[400] users-three 342 32

📣 Promociónate, promociona/publica tus servidores, redes sociales, proyectos, cualquier tipo de contenido.

Paraíso background
Paraíso users-three 181 54 10 10

We're a community interested in politics, geography, friendship, gaming, and much more. All very laid back and active. Come join us!

SGE MUSIC background
SGE MUSIC users-three 124 13

Free submissions Monday Wednesday & Friday 7:30-9:00 pm

Graphic's & Art's background
Graphic's & Art's users-three 53 18

Serveur de graphisme, dessin, montage, développement qui vient d'ouvrir il y a peu de temps. Il vous permet de trouver des graphistes/dessinateurs/monteurs/devs.

Creator's Paradise background
Creator's Paradise users-three 114 31

Welcome to .✧Creator's Paradise✧. Are you looking for a server where all of your creative sides can be in just one server? Then Creator's Parardise is the place for you! We have plenty of channels of channels and VCs available and adding more! So come join and chill with us and share your artistic side!

@kodere.archive Editor Team background
@kodere.archive Editor Team users-three 4 1

Hello, welcome to 2kodere discord team. I use this discord to stay in touch with editors for my videos and pictures, I'll also stay in touch with other photographers and videographers.

Math In Graphics background
Math In Graphics users-three 15 7

Math In Graphics is a server about graphical interpretations of mathematical objects such as fractals, cellular automata and related things.

Designly - Creative Kingdom background
Designly - Creative Kingdom users-three 918 164 14 14

If you are a new designer or an experienced one, this server will save your life. Designly is the only discord server aimed at teaching you to become a better designer at all levels.

5X3 background
5X3 users-three 27 9

we do music like hyperpop and stuff we are also a collective

Morn of The Lost Souls background
Morn of The Lost Souls users-three 16 9

This is a place for people who need help. A general idea of this is like depression or even something as low as just being plain old sad anyone is welcome to this server just be nice please.

The Geo Quiz background
The Geo Quiz users-three 34 17

Online geography quiz to challenge your geography skills

Nova6k's Archive background
Nova6k's Archive users-three 34 11

A place to watch Nova6k as he rises in the music industry!

Hallows background
Hallows users-three 32 21

We are a community server that is unfiltered (Allow all words as long as it's in English), a server full of rap fans!

Etverk background
Etverk users-three 88 9

A server surrounding photographer and crypto advocate Henrik Etverk. Also the main community for the NFT-project "Monochrome Sweden".