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The Upper Node background
The Upper Node users-three 263 49 26 Boosts 26 Boosts

Join the top rated Cannabis Community Discord on the web. The Upper Node - A mellow place where you can share pictures of your plants, get instant growing advice, and meet new friends.

The Rocinante background
The Rocinante users-three 437 117 8 Boosts 8 Boosts

・゚:* ✧ Space Themed Server・゚:* ✧ ✧ Active & Kind Owner & Mods ✧ Safe non-toxic space ✧ Fun Roles (always updating) ✧ Server Ad partners ✧ Cool Useful Bots ✧ 🌿💕420 Zone💕🌿 ・゚:* Entertainment ・゚:* ✧ Holiday Themed Events ✧ Movie & TV Show Live Streams ✧ Podcasts & Music ✧ Giveaways ✧ Anime Corner ✧ Server Games (Co-Ordle,Counting (with prizes)

The Den background
The Den users-three 118 47 21 Boosts 21 Boosts

The Den is an active growing community, with lots of engaging members.

Ballers Cove background
Ballers Cove users-three 83 45

Chill zone for all the stoners gamers paintballers

Growing Server That Lists all the concerts in the usa and eu. enjoy hanging out in our vc channels. we have super chill staff and also is a hangout for music producers like me. come join this growing community!

ℝ𝕠𝕠𝕥ℍ𝕒𝕜𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕥𝕪 background
ℝ𝕠𝕠𝕥ℍ𝕒𝕜𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕥𝕪 users-three 31 16

NightLife Labs is a new SFW server. Mainly focused on voice chat with a single text channel so come check us out.

Grand Nanalan Hotel background
Grand Nanalan Hotel users-three 282 61 8 Boosts 8 Boosts

Join the Grand Nanalan Hotel Today! We are a friendly and active international 18+ server that is always looking for new members! We are LGBT, 420 and Neurodivergent friendly with no discrimination tolerated.

XCFAM 🌲 background
XCFAM 🌲 users-three 542 104 17 Boosts 17 Boosts

XCFAM is a growing community starting up for all the loyal customers, fans, employees and friends of XC, but all are welcome! Feel free to come in and look around! Hop in a game, a sesh, or just vibe out in our big sesh!

Letsgetblazedd🔥💨 background
Letsgetblazedd🔥💨 users-three 13 9

Hey there! Friendly, chilled, positive vibes hangout,get high and chat

[TGH] The Grow House background
[TGH] The Grow House users-three 257 53

The Grow House is a community for stoners to congregate and talk about all things 420 and 710. If you smoke on the herb and love to hang out with like minded individuals and play games or listen to music, then this is the place for you! Our goal with this community is to make the herb more publicized and accepted on the internet.

Skin background
Skin users-three 1137 233 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

We're a growing community and we welcome people to the world of body mods, new or old. 🐉Tattoo, piercing, and aftercare advice!🐉 🐉Photos of your tattoos, piercings, and other body mods are welcome if you are comfortable! 🐉 🐉Welcoming and open community🐉 🐉Level 3 server!🐉 🐉Voice chats, bots, and pets🐉 🐉100+ emojis and stickers exclusive to the server!🐉 🐉18+🐉

【Midnight Paradox】18+ background
【Midnight Paradox】18+ users-three 45 23

(18+) A Chill place to sit back and hangout with new people! Good Vibes Only! Got a car? Show it off! We play all games! Invite your friends!

The Ganja Headspace background
The Ganja Headspace users-three 337 96 6 Boosts 6 Boosts

Grab some pot because we smoke a lot! Come on down let's chat or vc or just post some snazzy weed pics!

The Cat's Meow background
The Cat's Meow users-three 162 34 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

The Cat's Meow is an 18+ SFW server no exceptions. We are a small newer server that is chill and laid back, here to have fun and meet new people while also helping and supporting eachother.

Stoner's Heaven background
Stoner's Heaven users-three 252 43

We are a growing community trying to become active. We have channels for Stoners and Psychedelics, so come check us out!

THE TOYBOX 21+ background
THE TOYBOX 21+ users-three 647 154 26 Boosts 26 Boosts

-‘๑’-Welcome to Toybox!-‘๑’- ღA chill, welcoming community wanting to meet new people! Full of cuties, stoners, gamers, and content creatorsღ ✧.* We're a super friendly 18+ server, come smoke with us!✧.*

BluntSlvt *Inactive* background
BluntSlvt *Inactive* users-three 127 41

Bluntslvt is a server for smokers gamers and anything in between a small group looking for more friends! No bullying tolerated

The Voodoo Hub background
The Voodoo Hub users-three 18 12

Come and join the voodoo hub where you can find new friends and come and meet are great community that grows each day :)

The Shidbot Gang background
The Shidbot Gang users-three 1268 150 4 Boosts 4 Boosts

A memes' channel's discord server for some reason