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A place to relax and have a conversation about anything!(just keep it at a moderate level tho ;) ) We've been around for 4 years~! We have: ~A Minecraft server ~A slow-paced but active server ~A channel for anime and hololive enjoyers ~An organized environment ~Game & Movie events ~Youtube channel ~And a place where you can feel at home Come join the family :)


Sunset✻Eve was founded and created on the 6th of March 2017. To put it simply, a place for you to relax and get comfy! Talk about random stuff, memes, maybe tell a story or two, anything~! In this community, we prioritize a healthy interactions where there should be no toxicity or anything that brings negativity. Although, it may be hard to keep that consistency, we do expect for you to have at least a sense of self-moderation. This is not a heavily rule-strict server so don't be stiff and make yourself feel at home~!



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