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GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Discuss about programming techniques, languages and philosophy when developing software. Share your minds & code and show us your projects!


GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Welcome to the Wild Devs Community We are glad that you found your way to us. Here you will find a bunch of wild developers in any field with whom you can talk about programming, technologies, techniques, graphic design (UX/UI) or philosophies. Regardless of how experienced you are, you are welcome here. Each of us has our strengths and weaknesses. We help and inspire each other, work on projects - big and small, get to know each other and grow together. The Wild Devs community is not limited to Discord. We are also on GitHub, where we manage our projects, share bugs, and contribute ideas, solutions and enhancements. Everyone can participate, learn or help other developers. In the roles channel you can select some roles, so that others know which topics interest you. This Discord server is for English and German speaking members. Please do not use other languages, because we might not understand them. We wish you a pleasant stay and a lot of fun with the creative development. Kind regards Your Wild Devs Team



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