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Ceh background
Ceh users-three 166 26

A place for people who are interested in learning programming, hacking, etc

The Gaming Lounge (21+) background
The Gaming Lounge (21+) users-three 634 123 8 8

Is a 21+ SFW gaming community for busy adults looking to play games without tantrums, trolls, or perverts. Come play games and forget about your real-world stresses.

TemuExchange background
TemuExchange users-three 189 15

Temu code exchange, discussion between future rich people

FemDevs background
FemDevs users-three 274 77 3 3

Have you ever wondered what coding and programming mixed with femboys and kitty cats would look like? Well you're in luck!! :D Join FemDevs Today!

Pineapple Game Dev background
Pineapple Game Dev users-three 54 22

Hi! The Pineapple Game Dev server is a server meant to help aspiring or experienced game developers. We have many members who are experienced in coding, art, and game design.

Lof background
Lof users-three 12 4

Bienvenue dans notre communauté dynamique où les passionnés de codage se rassemblent. Que vous soyez débutant cherchant des conseils ou expert, vous trouverez ici une foule d'esprits prêts à vous aider.

The East Coders background
The East Coders users-three 64 12

Cozy Discord for Arab peeps interested in coding & meeting like-minded individuals

Lazy Coders background
Lazy Coders users-three 441 54

╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰┈➤ ❝ [|💻 Lazy Coders 💻|] ❞ Server purpose: This Server was created with the intention of collecting all sorts of programmers to participate in different projects for themselves and with others, meaning discussing new ideas finding their way together. ________________________________________________

Ducky Pet Simulator X Script background
Ducky Pet Simulator X Script users-three 10 9

A server inundated with Roblox exploiters is a disconcerting virtual realm, where the fundamental spirit of gaming is tarnished. In such an environment, players often employ illicit tools and third-party software to manipulate the Roblox platform, ef

The Coding/Infosec community of Discord! Join now to have a good time and maybe learn a bit.

Koders | Code & Tech background
Koders | Code & Tech users-three 766 72

Koders is a friendly community for all coders, tech lovers, designers, and everyone else! One of the most diverse role selections for your programming languages, work types, hobbies, and much more.

Zerocoder BootCamp background
Zerocoder BootCamp users-three 240 26

Best No-Code Community In The World. Join us and get educated. Zerocoder.com

Shadow Studios -  Free codes, API's and more! background
Shadow Studios -  Free codes, API's and more! users-three 760 74

Shadow Studios is a supportive and inclusive coding community where both beginners and professionals can come together

Asalos Community #1K background
Asalos Community #1K users-three 1087 118 2 2

Sizin için hazırlanmış kodlara erişebilir, dilerseniz bot ekleme kanalımızdan botlarınızı sisteme ekleyebilirsiniz.

Balkan Programming background
Balkan Programming users-three 550 42

Balkan programming server for local community's! We love programming and coding. We offer help and making connection with people working in IT. Join and check out what we have to offer.

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