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Miguel's Dungeon V2 background
Miguel's Dungeon V2 users-three 45 24

Want a All in one, several community server, LGBTQ+ welcome, with gaming, technology, art, social media, music, anime, channels? Welcome to miguel's dungeon!

Persistence's Home background
Persistence's Home users-three 36 14

Welcome to Persistence's Home, a community based around a house (yes, a house). In this community we give; A respective community Timed events for everyone to have fun and more!

🌿 queer conquerors 🕊 background
🌿 queer conquerors 🕊 users-three 724 152 15 15

A friendly sfw lgbtq+ server which doesnt tolerate discrimination of any kind! Our members are friendly and active and you are garunteed to feel safe and welcomed in our server.

G3B1 | Anime • Social • Friendly background
G3B1 | Anime • Social • Friendly users-three 333 56 2 2

🌟 Dive into G3B1 – where anime passion meets awesome people! Share shows, recommendations, and updates. Drama-free zone for real connections. Let's create an anime world together! 🎉🎶

Club Of Misfits (COM) background
Club Of Misfits (COM) users-three 84 44

A Semi toxic server that has tons of information on many differnt disabilitys or mental health aspects, a server welcoming to the equally "freaks" of the social world.

🌈The LGBTQ Artist Amusement Park🎡 background
🌈The LGBTQ Artist Amusement Park🎡 users-three 98 19

🏳️‍🌈 🎨The lgbtq artist association is a sfw art server for lgbtq and non lgbtq artists alike to hang out and chill!

Welcome to Chandeluria! We are a small but very active & growing server. We are looking to expand our horizons and meet new people! We have occasional game nights & events, with active channels and an abundance of bots, please come and join us!

Tay's Quarters background
Tay's Quarters users-three 25 13 2 2

Are you feeling lonely? We can help! Join us to make more friends! (We offer the usual bots, art prompts, and other cool stuff!)

Mental Asylum Squad background
Mental Asylum Squad users-three 22 12 1 1

we’re a small server looking for new joins we support all people no matter what We’re always open to talk

OCCULTUS® background
OCCULTUS® users-three 67 23 15 15

Occultus was created to reunite different communities of various languages all together. Here we provide Gaming experience, Chatting to find teams or friends, Spotify Playlists, Trash Talking, various collabs and more!

Making friends and meeting people background
Making friends and meeting people users-three 488 124 5 5

A server to make friends and meet people We have cool bots and emojis We're a bit short staffed but we try to welcome everyone We care about members and hope everyone can have a fun time . We have a lot of roles and emojis And alot of fun channels

Avynonymous' Content Server, ALSO home of the SqueamGROUP! A content group looking for new members, INSANE FUN!

The Possum Place background
The Possum Place users-three 22 12

The official server for VanThePossum and the Possum Pals! We're a welcoming group of streamers and supporters alike who love to share and play games together! There's also some bad puns...you've been warned. LGBTQIA+ streamer and a loving community

The Hybe background
The Hybe users-three 35 21 4 4

Welcome to a brand new, friendly k-pop community centered around Hybe groups! We have events, fun topics, a level system, and an active staff team! Multi-group stans are welcome! Come join the fun! We offer: - Activities - A welcoming community! - Events - Fun emotes! - Lots of topic chats! - An active staff We're looking for: - Fun people!

Ollie's Safe Space background
Ollie's Safe Space users-three 43 14

ᘓ ₊˚🍇︰Ollie's Safe Space ! ≧▽≦ ﹪💷 Non-Toxic | SFW 🌙 〹﹒ ▨ .🌼 Welcoming | Join us ! >< ◐ ˚ ⋂ ⋂ 𓂃・ʚ Join us today! 🔔 ( ・ω・ )つ https://discord.gg/j7RgVefc


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Discord welcoming servers are a type of server in the discord platform. If welcoming interests you join a server listed here today!