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Dev-Time - 7 ANS background
Dev-Time - 7 ANS users-three 162 80 8 8

Dev-Time est un projet visant à aider les autres projets du Web. Nous disposons de différents outils tels que des générateurs de documents

Zerocoder background
Zerocoder users-three 193 14

Best No-Code Community In The World. Join us and get educated. Zerocoder.com

AdVance Advertising background
AdVance Advertising users-three 162 29 2 2

Circle Development ------ Advertising We are an Advertising server where your can post your servers links. We have cooldowns as well so you cannot spam. If you boost our server, you will have access to our premium channels! - Templates Here in Circle Development we make templates! We want everyone to have the great experience of having a great and cool server. You can also post templates in the channels provided! _ • 🔥Community • 🍁Memes • 👍24/7 staff • ⭐

Drake's Space background
Drake's Space users-three 24 11

Read long description ╔════▣ ▣════╗ Drakes Space ╚════▣ ▣════╝ ╔════▣ ▣════╗ Drakes Space ╚════▣ ▣════╝

ZDISPLAY OFFICIEL users-three 23 3

Réseau Social Français crée pour réunir les gens sous différent sujet. Réseau social Web avec grande customisation permet de poster des Displays sous différentes catégories comme Anime, Gaming, Food etc ...

Starlight Services background
Starlight Services users-three 1691 227 20 20

Starlight Services is a 800 member service server ready to help you with any of your discord needs - and we are completely free! With thousands of positive reviews, Starlight is your best bet when looking for any of the following services! 🌟 Our Services :: ➥ Server Building ➥ Graphic Design ➥ Video Editing ➥ Bot & Web Development ➥ Ad Building ➥ Content Creation

EducateHacks background
EducateHacks users-three 367 33

EducateHacks is a nonprofit, edTech-themed hackathon organized by Aaryan Chitnis, Amogh Ganjikunta, and Keevan Leech. Join our discord - a place for like minded individuals to collaborate on projects!

✌ | MFPSCRIPTS background
✌ | MFPSCRIPTS users-three 88 17

⌨ Welcome to MFPSCRIPTS! 🖱 I am Maxi and I am a FiveM Developer for a couple of years. You‘ll find my Scripts in english and german good configured. You can view my work on YouTube and buy it on tebex. 🛒 Shop: https://mfp.tebex.io (FREE STUFF TO!)

Pokémon: Witwin Isles background
Pokémon: Witwin Isles users-three 24 16 1 1

The Witwin Isles is an non-toxic pokémon roleplay server. We have custom lore and an original region that has a vast ecosystem of Pokemon that spans greater than any other region.

Rose Gold Interactive background
Rose Gold Interactive users-three 13 9

Welcome to Rose Gold Interactive, a smol dev team ran by Me and my girlfriend Izzy! Feel free to stay and hangout!

0nyx Studios background
0nyx Studios users-three 19 12

Onyx Studios: A community for game developers and enthusiasts. Join us to collaborate, learn, and make great games together!

Cel Shaded Games background
Cel Shaded Games users-three 1494 202 2 2

☕﹕We are an upcoming company dedicated to creating the greatest anime-themed board, card, and party games!

Coding-Community background
Coding-Community users-three 5144 527 12 12

Join our Discord & Learn Python together! Read Below!

Wild Devs background
Wild Devs users-three 185 28 2 2

GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Discuss about programming techniques, languages and philosophy when developing software. Share your minds & code and show us your projects!

Coding Cove background
Coding Cove users-three 26 4

Join Coding Cove today a friendly community where advanced or junior developers come to learn and help others.

DEVELOPERY background
DEVELOPERY users-three 26 8

A community for the programming enthusiasts to learn, teach and share their experience in the development world with their universe peers.

SS Development background
SS Development users-three 8 4

Code Development Can code most things Experience with: Automation Webscraping Webapp backends

Minecraft Brasil DEV background
Minecraft Brasil DEV users-three 22 20

A comunidade Minecraft Brasil é um lugar acolhedor para jogadores brasileiros. Nós incentivamos a cooperação, a diversidade e oferecemos diferentes modos de jogo, como construção, sobrevivência e PVP. Nossa comunidade é caracterizada por uma grande camaradagem entre os membros, compartilhando sua paixão pelo jogo e ajudando uns aos outros. Junte-se a nós para desfrutar de uma experiência única e divertida em Minecraft!

Les Passionpreneurs Libres background
Les Passionpreneurs Libres users-three 109 25

Tu as un business ou t'es en création ? Bienvenue ! Ancienne acharnée de travail, j'ai créé ce serveur pour soutenir les indépendants souhaitant entreprendre sans anxiété ni surmenage et s'épanouir tout en atteignant leurs objectifs ! Ton bien-être est la clé, vis enfin ton rêve🚀

Team Olympus background
Team Olympus users-three 294 71 1 1

This company makes video games and a range of products and mods for Minecraft. We currently have a video game that is planned and we have several mods in the works rn such as AdventureKraft, Mo' Creatures, and Lion King. This server is also a community Discord for all the games and mods/modpacks I made/worked on and my Socials.

Cut n' Dev background
Cut n' Dev users-three 319 123

`[ Cut n' Dev ] ` *Hey ! Ce serveur est basé sur le développement de script en tous genre, tu pourras trouver des scripts FiveM et des Monteurs vidéos à des prix qui vendent leurs services à faible prix.

David’s Developer Safeplace background
David’s Developer Safeplace users-three 1960 189 14 14

David's Safeplace is a community of aspiring engineers to learn and grow. We offer a token service for free community coaching, access to weekly events such as kahoot trivia night and give you the opportunity to network with software engineers

Danish Roblox Creators background
Danish Roblox Creators users-three 19 6

Vi er et stille voksende dansk fælleskab af Roblox Creators. Vi samarbejder med uddannelser for at skabe events og mere!

Devs Home background
Devs Home users-three 245 20

Devs Home Home for all Developers all language and all fields

Software Books background
Software Books users-three 119 21

Heya, Are you looking for a book about a certain topic withing programming? ASP.NET Core, Typescript, Java, Kotlin, Laravel. or maybe more theoratically in depth for Requirements Engineering or Testing protocols etc? Come join us :D

Loaded8s Poker Wars background
Loaded8s Poker Wars users-three 338 179 5 5

Join The Loaded8s Poker Wars Community ! A Brand New Way To Play Poker! Play Againts The Top Dogs! Did I Mention Its Free? We Would Love Every Feedback And Kind Words As We Continue To Develop The Game! Game Is Out✅ Giveaways In The Future✅ Active And Live Support✅ Fun Rewards And Awesome Community🔥

7ktTube™ | 2016 REDUX background
7ktTube™ | 2016 REDUX users-three 624 105 2 2

7ktTube is a user script that restores YouTubes old layout from 2016 - it's a powerful yet simple GUI including layout customization and new features

Vancouver Game Development background
Vancouver Game Development users-three 952 190 21 21

If you’re a game developer, aspiring or professional, then here’s a safe space waiting for you! Connect with hundreds of other game devs who share the same burning passion for game development and design. Meet the geniuses behind the most creative, immersive worlds that will keep you hooked from the start and playing for hours. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two that will take your game to the next level. (No more bugs and spaghetti codes!)

Forum City Center background
Forum City Center users-three 2091 206 13 13

Home of our Unique Mall/Shopping Centre Interest & Development Industry from The Roblox Platform!

Peanut Saturn Games background
Peanut Saturn Games users-three 81 30

This is a discord community for my video game and other coders alike come join me in the creation of my video game Sheol and join in on our fun events and my new STREAMS at https://www.twitch.tv/peanutsatun