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DarkHillGaming background
DarkHillGaming users-three 23 8 5 5

Dark Hill Gaming is a small community that focuses on gaming, game development, forging strong in game teams and IRL friendships!

Game Central background
Game Central users-three 567 42

Welcome to our thriving gaming server! Join us for an incredible gaming experience, complete with specialized game dev channels for creators, lively talk channels for gaming discussions, and a friendly, close-knit community that welcomes gamers of all levels. Unleash your passion for gaming, collaborate with developers, and forge lasting friendships. Get ready for countless adventures in our dynamic and engaging virtual world!

A Wholesome Federation background
A Wholesome Federation users-three 7 4

A less corporate corporation, for artists and game developers to connect!

Acacia Boat Hub background
Acacia Boat Hub users-three 112 21 1 1

Welcome to Acacia Boat Hub! We're a Discord community for indie game developers, pixel art enthusiasts, and 8-bit music lovers. Share your projects, art, and tracks, collaborate, and find opportunities in game development, pixel art, and 8-bit music. Join us and embrace your creative spirit!

Vancouver Game Development background
Vancouver Game Development users-three 1145 331 21 21

If you’re a game developer, aspiring or professional, then here’s a safe space waiting for you! Connect with hundreds of other game devs who share the same burning passion for game development and design. Meet the geniuses behind the most creative, immersive worlds that will keep you hooked from the start and playing for hours. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two that will take your game to the next level. (No more bugs and spaghetti codes!)

Peanut Saturn Games background
Peanut Saturn Games users-three 83 34

This is a discord community for my video game and other coders alike come join me in the creation of my video game Sheol and join in on our fun events and my new STREAMS at https://www.twitch.tv/peanutsatun

IndieGame YouTube Official Server background
IndieGame YouTube Official Server users-three 299 50

Official channel for YouTube/IndieGame https://www.youtube.com/indiegame

trash can kids background
trash can kids users-three 13 9

a small community for indie game devs or game devs in general to collab and help eachother. server is mainly about my small game im trying to develop, and having a small community to support it.

PaxelGames Community background
PaxelGames Community users-three 29 9

PaxelGames community server. We are a community for game development, indie gamers or just gamers in general where you can socialize, share thoughts and ideas, help each other and play together on discord or anywhere else.

Snappy Gurus background
Snappy Gurus users-three 2717 856 6 6

Welcome to Snappy Gurus official server, for game devs, artists and programmers! We provide educational content for aspiring devs, host regular competitions and jams for prizes and hold regular game nights. Come and show off your work, meet like minded people or help others :)

Citadelum - One Military Camp background
Citadelum - One Military Camp users-three 1721 305 8 8

This is the official server of One Military Camp and Citadelum. The best indie city builder and management games!

Chroma Golem background
Chroma Golem users-three 83 22 2 2

We're a new game studio with an ambitious dream: to merge the excitement of gaming with the power of AI. This server is our cozy corner of the internet where we not only share our ideas and experiences but also welcome you to join us!

Artistic Developers background
Artistic Developers users-three 30 8

Welcome to the Artistic Developers Community Server!

Five Nights Rebuilt background
Five Nights Rebuilt users-three 18 8

The Official Server For The Sequel To Fazbear's Reborn,

Starkeepers MMO background
Starkeepers MMO users-three 1257 381 14 14

Starkeepers is a hero-based action combat MMO set in a mythological epic fantasy world. Descend as an Astral being, embody different heroes and prove your worth as a Starkeeper. Build, battle, and rule together with friends by your side. Join now to be the first to find out about our upcoming playtests!