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DragonSevenUA background
DragonSevenUA users-three 175 60

DragonSeven це 3 Українських🇺🇦 Майнкрафт 1.19.4 сервери❗ У нас є Vanilla, Creative і Water. У нас добрі та адекватні гравці❗ На Water сервері можна дихати у воді, але якщо ти вийдеш з води, то тебе через 5 секунд почне бити повітря.

Sanctuary Scales background
Sanctuary Scales users-three 199 45 10 10

Our goal here is to create a loving community and safe space for dragon loving people! Take a flight around!

Mystro Zoo background
Mystro Zoo users-three 32 13

Engaging modern fantasy roleplay server based around the idea of mythical creatures living in a modern day world! Free for anyone of any roleplay skill to join with several fun channels to explore in and out of roleplay as well as many other exciting things!

Breath of Fire background
Breath of Fire users-three 26 11

Dragons vs Humans Eves and Dwarves in isolation Whose side will you be on?

Lost History of Ephesus background
Lost History of Ephesus users-three 36 18

What we offer: - A Server open to everyone, regardless of race, gender or orientation. - A Roleplay story hidden in mysteries: Why did those dragons disappear? Why is there nothing left behind of their existence? - A system for any character to be or become a noble! - Custom OC Races are allowed! - Multiple character slots. - A bot that will keep track of combat in the future, and will let you check someones character sheet on the fly!