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Xasha: A D&D 5e Kingdom background
Xasha: A D&D 5e Kingdom users-three 49 14 2 2

Xasha is a discord txt based rp server with a medieval fantasy theme. We are brand new so things are just getting built. We add Roll20 and D&D character sheets for tournaments and various battles that might take place during story development.

The Wanderer's Rest background
The Wanderer's Rest users-three 75 28 3 3

A cosy respite for the lost souls yearning for mature and platonic connection, intelligent discussion, and a community anchored by older values, free of the perverse influence of the modern world.

Medieval Discord background
Medieval Discord users-three 971 92 15 15
Terra background
Terra users-three 33 25 4 4

Terra is a multi-genre, original character and long-term based rp server made by aha me who spent too long searching on the internet for a safe-space, mature, and creative place. I did my best to create a positive place where rpers can escape to.

The Gucci Directorate background
The Gucci Directorate users-three 216 51

Join our Empire, years in the making, where vast success awaits for all.

Kingdom of Simul background
Kingdom of Simul users-three 75 15 14 14

Story driven, high fantasy server that welcome all OCs. No activity requirements for a completely relaxed environment.

The Rainbow Crown background
The Rainbow Crown users-three 109 32

Welcome to the Rainbow Crown, a fantasy RP server! Set in a world where there are 5 kingdoms, each of them representing a unique element, you'll find yourself whisked away into a magical world where elemental magical powers are real. Find glory for yourself by overthrowing the royal family, find your true love at a royal ball, or bring the worst villains to justice... Or maybe do it all! At the Rainbow Crown, anything is possible in our world of magic.

The world of Alicia background
The world of Alicia users-three 55 23

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ALICIA!! In the world of Alicia...you pretty much do whatever you want, you could do quests๐Ÿ“œ,own a business ๐Ÿ›,be an adventurer,play a family๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ and more๐Ÿ’›!

A Game Of Thrones Conquest background
A Game Of Thrones Conquest users-three 255 45 5 5

Embark on an epic journey in Game of Thrones Conquest, the premier Minecraft server set in the world of Westeros. Choose your house, conquer kingdoms, and seize the Iron Throne to rewrite the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here โ€“ will you ris

The Arson Kingdom background
The Arson Kingdom users-three 24 9

A community server themed around fire, birds, and feudalism!

Hello, we are a extremely small server, this is a Dragon Ball Roleplay Server, and takes place multiple centuries before the events of Dragon Ball even starts, with King Cold still being in control of the Cold Force. We would love for you to join!

Medieval minecraft bedrock xbox background
Medieval minecraft bedrock xbox users-three 24 16

hi this a discord server for adzanthia (w.i.p name) a medieval minecraft world (soon to be a realm) (in a long time it will be a server)

A gritty, dark fantasy world shattered by war. Begin your journey as the member of a powerful house and lay conquest to your enemies or those who would dare oppose you.

God's Marble background
God's Marble users-three 24 13

Be a wizard, demon or a king in God's Marble Races There are many races that inhabit the land. Choose one you find fitting! Or just create one Half-breeds are allowed.

Eol Phuuazon background
Eol Phuuazon users-three 30 13

Join our NRP where you can create any nation, race, with elements to allow character roleplays as well, all supported by events and lax mechanics to allow maximum creativity!

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