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DSMP RP FOR LOSERS users-three 43 13

!!! BRAND NEW SERVER !!! (made on 5/30/23) Each person is assigned one or two members based on popularity of server 15+ Different channels will be used for different AU's so it's not just regular lore Welcoming server for everyone

The End background
The End users-three 20 14

Welcome to The End a server for the minecraft community that is system/little friendly

discorders background
discorders users-three 64 12

Hi! We’re a group of friends who share similar interests. A bit chaotic, but we’re an inclusive community just aiming to make friends!

High school | MCYT RP background
High school | MCYT RP users-three 32 15

A mcyt roleplay server People who are allowed -Furries -LGBTQ -Age regression, DID, etc People who aren't allowed -h0m0phobes -R@pists -S3xists -R@sists

Broken SMP background
Broken SMP users-three 19 8

hello so this is a dream smp server open 24/7 looking for people 13-20 age rage who will have fun and do lots of lore and make a fun story so if this sounds fun to you join

QualityBuckley’s Hangout background
QualityBuckley’s Hangout users-three 29 14

Hello we’re a bunch of editors who like to hang out and chill


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