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Cool'u SMP background
Cool'u SMP users-three 103 25

An smp focused on keeping players in a community. We are currently on season III and I and others stream it on our youtube channels, why don't you come and join us and see what this is all about!

Together Java background
Together Java users-three 25369 4351 13 13

Need Java help? We got plenty! Lots of friendly volunteers to help you learn Java or chat about everyday things.

Go4IT background
Go4IT users-three 252 37 2 2

Witamy na serwerze Go4IT, miejsca przyjaznego programistom i programistkom!

Code Heaven background
Code Heaven users-three 66 29 2 2

Rest and recharge in the heavenly abode of code! Join Us!

Sulphur Anarchy background
Sulphur Anarchy users-three 37 8

Hikikomori is a unique SMP involving a trading gui, votifier and cross play! Join to have a amazing unique SMP experience, make new friends and become the most powerful of all!

✧ New Wørld Minecraft Rp Rpg [Java]✧ background
✧ New Wørld Minecraft Rp Rpg [Java]✧ users-three 33 11

a rpg roleplay minecraft server with dungeons weapons and custom mobs

Minecraft em Português background
Minecraft em Português users-three 402 80 2 2

Minecraft Brasil | Minecraft Portugual - Servidor para quem ama minecraft e fala em português. Temos sorteios, minigames, eventos e muito mais.

Scripted Studios background
Scripted Studios users-three 31 14 3 3

Do you want to learn to code? Do you want to hire a developer? Do you want help with your programming project? Well look no further, Scripted Studios is welcoming to all programming + educational servers which provides everything you need for your project. So feel free to join today. ════════════════════ ★

ZeezMC background
ZeezMC users-three 7 4

Vanilla Minecraft smp, java and bedrock compatible. growing community, we also all like the owl house and amphibia.

JS DEVELOPERS background
JS DEVELOPERS users-three 1426 217

The server completely dedicated to JS developers. Since 2018.

Dialect background
Dialect users-three 271 47 2 2

If you're stuck on a bug, we provide you with access to experienced developers who'll join you in a video call to help you solve any JavaScript or React problem you have! For more information, check out our website: https://dialect.so

Skulk SMP Season one background
Skulk SMP Season one users-three 19 13

We are a fun community filled with skulk we are child friendly and we are always there to help so come join the Skulk today

Cat Craft background
Cat Craft users-three 50 10

Hello! Cat Craft is a vanilla, survival server for the java edition of Minecraft. We strive to have a kind and welcoming community. If you decide to join, we welcome you!

The United Hotels of Asmerica background
The United Hotels of Asmerica users-three 17 7

This is a Minecraft dedicated server. We will have 3 servers for you to play! These servers are a survival multiplayer, modded and something else tee haven’t came up with! I hope you enjoy!

Jayver Minecraft background
Jayver Minecraft users-three 28 11 2 2

A Minecraft community server for my lifesteal focused server network.

ObtaniaMC background
ObtaniaMC users-three 279 50

ObtaniaMC is a thriving, community driven Java 1.18.2 SMP server online since 2019. We offer a variety of features on the server including Slimefun, Custom Enchants, mcMMO, as well as server Economy integration via Quests, Player Warps / Shops and Admin Shops. Our server has been continually evolving throughout time, placing the community before anything else.

MarioCraft Discord background
MarioCraft Discord users-three 3 2

Welcome To Mario Craft A Gaming Server Hang Out Whit Your Friends And Chat And Chill

ivy craft server background
ivy craft server users-three 13 5

Server is to recrute people to join our on going smp! 1.17.1 java server!

[EOL] PrismarineMC Global background
[EOL] PrismarineMC Global users-three 33 10

Prismarine is a server platform for Minecraft: Java Edition with many improvements based on Paper. https://github.com/PrismarineTeam/Prismarine

Broken SMP background
Broken SMP users-three 21 11

hello so this is a dream smp server open 24/7 looking for people 13-20 age rage who will have fun and do lots of lore and make a fun story so if this sounds fun to you join