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💗 LOVE & PEACE 💗 background
💗 LOVE & PEACE 💗 users-three 46 24 1 1

✪ An all-inclusive Trigun-based fictionkin server. You can be yourself without being judged or subjected to severe toxicity! OTHER SOURCES ARE WELCOMED HERE!

Looking for partner system background
Looking for partner system users-three 3 3

A server made for anyone interested in being our partner system!! Adult bodies only

🐙 Systems of the Sea 🦀 background
🐙 Systems of the Sea 🦀 users-three 179 30

Systems of the sea is a server for DID systems, OSDD systems, and questioning systems. It is a safe space for systems and it is a new server so joining to help build this community is really great and appreciated! We love all of our members. This server is also welcome to singlets who wish to join as long as they're respectful and educated. We have: Pluralkit self assignable roles economy and music bot a new community to form system only section relaxed but safe rules soci