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Aoyama University (18+) background
Aoyama University (18+) users-three 140 60 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

Aoyama University is a slice-of-life roleplaying community about relationships between women and the secrets they keep. Themes: school, romance, yuri/lesbian, wlw, slice-of-life, drama

Homework Help Prof background
Homework Help Prof users-three 43 9

You must be stressed out or feeling frustrated due to burden of school, college or university assignments. Don't be overwhelmed by the excessive assignments. We're professional writers with 9+ years of experience, and the quality-assured academic help awaits you here. We are fully dedicated to help you complete your assignments and homework faster. Join now!

Sage Academy background
Sage Academy users-three 16 11

Our school is quite empty..will you help us fill it?

Students Union background
Students Union users-three 2149 159 28 Boosts 28 Boosts

The indian student community for all of India, a fast growing server with 1.5k+ members! Join and invite all your schoolmates

Habbo Historians background
Habbo Historians users-three 34 22

We are an unofficial fan server and community of Old School Habbo players that provide commentary and archives about Habbo history and culture. Our server is run by an amazing staff team. Here you will find tons of goodies for your stay in the hotel.

Student Bono Internships background
Student Bono Internships users-three 497 71

Building a brighter future, one intern at a time. We believe that high school students are capable of changing the world.

Starlight Eclipse background
Starlight Eclipse users-three 37 17

Welcome to Starlight Town A town birthed of superpowered warriors everyone is the same in this universe it all started....One infinite day, where no world even thought to exist life was born the stars alligned and the eternal moon and the undiying sun crossed over for just a second creating the multiverse and the ground on which we stand today but there is more to the legend than just that. but that is another story that shall be uncovered later.....Learn with the strongest teachers un

GradeMate background
GradeMate users-three 1803 185

Welcome to GradeMate, the safest homework server. ✔ Make yourself at home and have a look at how we can help you with your work. GradeMate is your premium and 24/7 market place focused on helping you with your homework, assignments, tests, and essays without breaking your bank. 💎

College Savings Academy background
College Savings Academy users-three 153 41

CSA is here to help you debunk the financial aid systems at colleges and give you tips and tricks to save the most while attending school!

Euphoria: A City Of Calamity background
Euphoria: A City Of Calamity users-three 34 8

This is a 16+ roleplay server with moderate to high literacy requirements, NO ONE LINERS ALLOWED!! We have a vast amount of canon characters to choose from and you’re even allowed to make your own oc’s. Not only are there a lot of channels to roleplay in but there’s also a in character group-chat and social media function as well.

Paradise Honors Middle School background
Paradise Honors Middle School users-three 29 6

PHMS is a very respectable and fun roleplaying server. Here you can get roles and attend classes to get grades. You will be prepared to meet life's challenges as they come at you. Because you are proud panther. *howls* We are currently hiring teachers and student are greatly needed.

Discord School background
Discord School users-three 8 5

Do you want a boost in your education? Then join this server, active members and staff, hiring executives and staff!

Graduate School background
Graduate School users-three 2889 146

24/7 Chegg unlocker service using our Discord Bot. Claim your free trial in our server today!

Spring Gardens HighSchool background
Spring Gardens HighSchool users-three 15 8

Prestigious highschool Spring Garden Academy. [RP]

😀yo😀 background
😀yo😀 users-three 1082 81

Established in 2017 with the intention to create a community of students that band together, have fun, overcome hardships, and graduate, we would like you to join the OFFICIAL GSMST Discord Server! We have tons of fun here! Meet all new students at GSMST, and even old ones too! From freshmen to seniors, come visit and have a conversation! Talk about homework, ask questions about our school, or just hangout!

Community Server 500 Emojis Active Talkers Nitro Giveaway School and EXAMS!

Gen Z background
Gen Z users-three 11 4

a small server for hanging out with friends nothing too big just a chill place you should totally join

😸 Mirket - Birlikte Çalışalım! background
😸 Mirket - Birlikte Çalışalım! users-three 480 38 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Social enterprise established for digital benefit in order for people to work together in a virtual library environment.