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Join the Nightmare background
Join the Nightmare users-three 460 83 10 10

A horror server for horror fans, something for everyone. Join US. The one stop shop for ALL things horror! Join us. 24/7 creepypasta and scp exploration radios. Will have movie nights going soon enough. Something for everyone! OCCASIONAL Nitro Giveaway events. JOIN US!

NightWatch background
NightWatch users-three 42 21

We stream games, if you want to watch or play games with a community check us out.

Blondee Gaming background
Blondee Gaming users-three 54 22

If you like horror games or any other games or make gaming videos. Join for loads of help an fun.

Halloween : The Game background
Halloween : The Game users-three 3 2

Halloween : The Game Coming Soon Info: This Game Is Made By A Non Profit Gaming Company And This Game Will Be Free To Play On Platforms Below Platforms: Xbox One , Xbox Series X/S , PC And Its Free To Play

Untitled Discord Project background
Untitled Discord Project users-three 22 11 2 2

Server run by Valerpeaxx + RigzxGaming 🔥 Actively run 🔥 Gaming community centered around stream ideas and fun-times! Join our community where we share with countless others games we're playing, plants, pets, etc!

Haunted Mansion background
Haunted Mansion users-three 46 9

Haunted mansion For horror lovers. NOT NSFW. For any issues dm me.

Horror Library background
Horror Library users-three 360 74

👋 Hello, This server is for any and all horror enjoyers! Here you can make, talk about, and post ALL things horror/creepy/scary!

Haunted Hollow™ background
Haunted Hollow™ users-three 41 13 3 3

Haunted Hollow is a community server made for people who are looking for other people who share the love for horrorgames.

This is for people who are like me, that are weird, cool, creepy, crazy, fun.

Svengoolie's Dungeon background
Svengoolie's Dungeon users-three 34 7

A place for svengoolie friends to talk about the MeTV hit television programs svengoolie live or dead as it happens

We Welcome You To Untold Stories What Do We Do In This Server? -We Roleplay Creepypasta Characters. OCs Are Accepted, As Well. -We Have Daily Quizes -Writers Will Share Stories -Venting and rants -And Much More! Join And See For Yourself.