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Taisho High: The First Aces! background
Taisho High: The First Aces! users-three 46 23

Our server allows for deep character involvement, where some ocs may even be able to sway the plot. Or alter the world within a major way.

Extopic(WB and RP) background
Extopic(WB and RP) users-three 20 9

In a world derivative to out imagination, something called Extopic exists.

The Doctor Who Discussion Club background
The Doctor Who Discussion Club users-three 11 7

Hello, this is a server dedicated to the BBC show Doctor Who, here you can meet other whovians, discuss all about the show and more! (All rights go to the BBC)

The Vivarium background
The Vivarium users-three 42 21 3 3

An eldritch being has created a pocket dimension, collecting intelligent life from all across time, space, and the multiverse into a pocket dimension for its own entertainment. An RP server with scifi and apocalyptic vibes!

Star Wars: From the Ashes background
Star Wars: From the Ashes users-three 43 16 1 1

The Empire has fallen! News spreads like wildfire across the galaxy that the Battle of Endor has determined a winner in the Galactic Civil War. The emperor is dead, and with him, his chief enforcer. Now, the galaxy is splintered, the Imperial remnant shattered, the rebellion poised to gain momentum as a new faction, and countless opportunists swarm. Bring your OC and jump in to a fractured galaxy where anything could happen.

The MIRROR MARS Initiative background
The MIRROR MARS Initiative users-three 26 9

Join The Initiative. Find Your Answers! Come along with us on our journey.

The Eclipse background
The Eclipse users-three 109 51 3 3

The Eclipse is a neutral syndicate led by a band of non-human beings such as mutants, automatons, also including half and full-blooded humans.

Aion'clast: Dungeon-punk RP background
Aion'clast: Dungeon-punk RP users-three 17 8

Aion'clast is an original setting made to fit the scope of the dungeon-punk genre, which can be loosely described as sci-fi with high fantasy. We have in deep character creation, detailed lore, missions, planned story content, and open GM'd content.

The True Glory Of Space background
The True Glory Of Space users-three 12 8

You decided to join a space colony for money and childhood dreams. You signed a contract and spent 10 short years flying through space in cryospace. You arrive in The Galactic Capital but was it worth it? Join and find out!

BloodStained Skies Series background
BloodStained Skies Series users-three 43 10

If you're into geek stuff: sci-fi, fantasy, horror and heavy metal, you may like this server too!

Neo City of Passage background
Neo City of Passage users-three 23 14 3 3

Passage City is a densely populated, futuristic coastal city. Corporate espionage, community functions, gang activity, and the consequences of secret military experimentation abound! It’s a desirable place to live, but more complicated than you’d think to leave. The server is both for writing a collaborate story together and a community designed for working adults.

Berwyn Bullies background
Berwyn Bullies users-three 33 12

A community for the hosted horror movie TV program Svengoolie, as well as related shows Sventoonie & Toon in with Me. We stay up to date with listings and news, share memes and other good times with each other.