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Compassionate Difference Compassionate Difference Event Manager 276
Compassionate Difference Staff!

Looking for a safe-place to vent without judgement, and has a pretty active community (at least 500 messages a day)? Well, CD is about mental health, educating on mental health, normalizing that it's okay to not be okay, and more!

♡Hachi's Café |Anime & Art| ♡Hachi's Café |Anime & Art| Event Manager 11969
Hiring Event Managers

Looking for someone to help keep the community engaged and active with fun events to do.

Wicked Demise Wicked Demise Event Manager 92
Wicked Demise LF Event Manager

Looking for a Event Manager, for ingame and outside. As we grow a compensation will def be available, DM me and we can have a chat. Discord: MicroFrost#0001

❀♢★ ✦anime hangout✦ ✧ Social ✧ special Emotes! ❀♢★ ❀♢★ ✦anime hangout✦ ✧ Social ✧ special Emotes! ❀♢★ Event Manager 106
Welcome to animehangout

Welcome to ♡anime hangout♡ Anime/community based We are looking for 2 event managers£

GamingForAll GamingForAll Event Manager 263
GamingForAll is looking for Staff

│▹ Event Host - Create by his own a event - Manage the event - 2 a week