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Event Manager staff positions

pam's clothes || OOGWAY pam's clothes || OOGWAY Event Manager 206 Event Manager 206
Event Managers

A friendly and SFW server which is based off Master Oogway and a bunch of other stuff! We have a bunch of bots and active joining members!

Relax Zone | Eboys&Egirls | Chill | Social | Fun😌 Relax Zone | Eboys&Egirls | Chill | Social | Fun😌 Event Manager 25 Event Manager 25
I’m looking for Event Mangers

Event mangers are the important part about events.

ANNYEONG ARMYS || slow revamp ANNYEONG ARMYS || slow revamp Event Manager 43 Event Manager 43

HI, we need a friendly event manager who can organise events once in 1 or 2 weeks .

(WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom (WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom Event Manager 1198 Event Manager 1198
Event Hosts

We're always looking for new staff members, including event organizers, chat moderators, and administrators. If you're interested in helping out, please let us know.

iiH E A R T E D iiH E A R T E D Event Manager 74 Event Manager 74
In need for an event manager

Fun server where we do different super cool activities starting from Roblox to irl

Anime Region Anime Region Event Manager 125 Event Manager 125
Game Event Manager

Must help server grow in any way means with game events.

(≧▽≦) (≧▽≦) Event Manager 959 Event Manager 959
We are looking for mostly 16+ staffs

Crime is an egirl active server looking for more new members to join our family. We host nitro giveaways, events, role rewards and vc rewards.

β†ˆ ST PLAYS β†ˆ ST PLAYS Event Manager 155 Event Manager 155


The Commodore | social ⋆ anime ⋆ gaming ⋆ kpop ⋆ anything! ☺ The Commodore | social ⋆ anime ⋆ gaming ⋆ kpop ⋆ anything! ☺ Event Manager 449 Event Manager 449
Moderators, Server Builders, Event Mgr.

The Server is in need of Moderation and Event Planning according to the Admins' ideas.

Dank Redacto Dank Redacto Event Manager 12 Event Manager 12
Network Event Manager

You will be responsible for hosting 1 event per week for our whole network you will be paid in dank memer coins 100K per week

Team leaf(Summer) Team leaf(Summer) Event Manager 125 Event Manager 125
Staff for a growing community

We have a typical server now. But no events. Is semi-active and need some entertainment

Zylon Zylon Event Manager 83 Event Manager 83
Good, experienced event/stage managers.

Zylon is a place where you can chat, chill and have fun this server is linked to an S.M.P but you don't have to join it.

HELEUS HELEUS Event Manager 321 Event Manager 321
Events Coordinator

Responsible for user engagement, planning, and executing events within the server to promote activity. The events coordinator should have their pulse on the types of activities that the members would be interested in participating in.

VX HOMETOWN VX HOMETOWN Event Manager 38 Event Manager 38
Need For event manager.

Hi, I am γ€Žπ’π“γ€Bhalu op#6699 Owner of VX TOWN.Finding some event manager for server. Join and DM me and tell

ScienceRoot ScienceRoot Event Manager 100 Event Manager 100
Looking for a Manager

We're a very small science server focused to help people learn new things and help others.

πŸŽƒ The Castle Court πŸŽƒ πŸŽƒ The Castle Court πŸŽƒ Event Manager 34 Event Manager 34
Fur Haven is looking for Event Managers

Features Secured Server; Verification Age Verification Active Staff members Giveaways Events And so much More, Like: Gaming Centered, mainly VR games, but others are welcome! Advertisement Channels Self-Made VCs Showcases

The Better Gen Z's | E-Girls β€’ Social β€’ Icons The Better Gen Z's | E-Girls β€’ Social β€’ Icons Event Manager 6431 Event Manager 6431
Looking for staff members

Looking for staff that can advertise, organise events etc.