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EndEver Records EndEver Records Administrators 4496 Administrators 4496
Looking for Administrators (Non Profit)

Started up a non profit organization to help indie artists like myself promote their music. I want to grow a community that can apply to be a discoverable server. Contact me "Futo" on discord

Rise 2 Glory Esports Rise 2 Glory Esports Administrators 313 Administrators 313
Community Relations Manager

We are currently looking to fill multiple positions in our community! Please reach out for more information

TotallyTinkers Community TotallyTinkers Community Administrators 80 Administrators 80
Server & Team Leader

Looking for a voluntary Administration with a vast amount of experience in managing Discord servers and helping them grow with the right audience, whilst also maintaining safety and well-being.

Discovery Hub Discovery Hub Administrators 28 Administrators 28


☢Diotor Entertainment☢ ☢Diotor Entertainment☢ Administrators 137 Administrators 137

🔍 ¡Unimos talentos! 💼💪 Estamos buscando un Administrador para unirse a nuestro equipo dinámico. Si eres organizado, resolutivo y te apasiona trabajar en equipo, ¡postúlate ahora! 📩👥 No pierdas esta oportunidad. 🚀

GangstaParadise V2 [FA] GangstaParadise V2 [FA] Administrators 822 Administrators 822
Recrutement Staff

Nous recherchons des Administrateurs très motivés .

5OUND PRODUCTIONS 5OUND PRODUCTIONS Administrators 148 Administrators 148
Music careers in VR

From the comfort of . . . anywhere, with 5OUND PRODUCTIONS you can SIT & MAKE A HIT!

Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Administrators 1800 Administrators 1800
Looking For Community Manager

Seeking a serious Community Manager for our gaming community! Role involves engaging with members, organizing events, and moderating Discord chats. Strong communication, leadership, and enthusiasm for gaming required.

Comunidade BAC Comunidade BAC Administrators 22 Administrators 22
Pessoas experientes será aceitos(as)

Priviet, sou [MAJ]Depth, estou a procura de staffs que saibam administrar, ajudam em promover o servidor, ajude em construir um servidor melhor, faça sorteios, etc

𝓜𝓮𝓷 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓕𝓾𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓷 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓕𝓾𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓮 Administrators 184 Administrators 184
Staff team for a up-and-coming server

We are currently looking for dedicated and enthusiastic staff members to join our Discord server. We have postions for mods, server builders, event managers, partner managers and advertising manager. We look forward to hearing from you!

Türk Federasyonu [TF] Türk Federasyonu [TF] Administrators 5804 Administrators 5804
Turk, türk, turkish, turkey, turkiye

TF İdari Kadrosuna Olan Alımlar Açıktır. Bu Alımlara Katılmak için İnternet Sitemiz veya Discord Sunucumuz Üzerinden Başvurmanız İcap Etmektedir.

Forbidden City. Forbidden City. Administrators 18 Administrators 18
Looking for Admin And Moderators!

📢 Join our Team! Seeking Admins & Mods! ✨ Looking for responsible individuals to maintain a safe environment, enforce rules, and address inquiries. Apply now!💪 👥 Community focused on Roleplay

Arnia Games Arnia Games Administrators 38 Administrators 38

C'est un métiers super avec beacoups de responsabilitées. Mais je suis sur qu'il me reste de la place.

Pikacult Pikacult Administrators 414 Administrators 414
Looking for new active administrators!

Pikacult is a place for Pikachu's and Pokémon fans! We are looking to grow our evolving community and make our server more active. To do this, we are looking for moderators and admins to help us brainstorm cool ideas to grow the community!

__/~-Base Bass Bouncin' -~\__ __/~-Base Bass Bouncin' -~\__ Administrators 59 Administrators 59
[Overhead] Admin

People who can look over the genuineness of the server and keep an eye on some things.

Savage Empire Savage Empire Administrators 329 Administrators 329
Looking for HR, Admin, and Mos

I have a server with over 150 members we just started and I’m looking to build the server and have a great staff. I need An HR , Admin and 1 mod . This un-paid. But will paid in the future. Hit me up. I’m open to changes.

Galaxy Aflame RP [WIP] Galaxy Aflame RP [WIP] Administrators 16 Administrators 16
Lore Team/Admin

Applicants needed to help rework and update the server's lore and administrate the server as it grows.

Cambridge-Isanti School District Cambridge-Isanti School District Administrators 75 Administrators 75
Assistant Superintendent

At a high level, school and education administrators manage the running and functioning of schools and school districts.

Cambridge-Isanti School District Cambridge-Isanti School District Administrators 75 Administrators 75
Building Principal

At a high level, school and education administrators manage the running and functioning of schools and school districts.

ice8 Esports ice8 Esports Administrators 43 Administrators 43

We are looking for an experienced and competent administrator for our server.

HELEUS HELEUS Administrators 275 Administrators 275
Community Director

Responsible for user engagement, curation, and moderation of the discord community. Oversees moderators and events managers. Responsible for building the server community that people would want to join and be a part of.

Artilities Artilities Administrators 38 Administrators 38
Looking for passionate admins!

Hello! Are you passionate about art and other crafts? Do you have management experience and want to lead something more than just a regular Discord server? Check out position's description for more information!

Fantasma Gamer Clan Fantasma Gamer Clan Administrators 57 Administrators 57
Fantasma Admin team

We're a gaming, Roleplay, Learning and friend making community. This is a community where you can make friends in a safe environment. We soon hope to make this server much bigger in the future.

Coby’s Hangout Coby’s Hangout Administrators 990 Administrators 990
Looking For active staff!

Dosveddd's Hangout - We're currently looking for active admins for our server - we gonna need from 3-6 since we just hit 500 members and we're still growing! - To apply all we need is your, Discord Tag, Email & Time-Zone

FRU1TL00PS FRU1TL00PS Administrators 1599 Administrators 1599

what is FRU1TL00PS? ⊹₊꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷‧˚₊⊹ we are an art server to help promote your art and to help others sell/trade their ocs. Were a welcoming community for all artists at every level.

iiH E A R T E D iiH E A R T E D Administrators 64 Administrators 64
Admin hiring

Fun server where we do different super cool activities starting from Roblox to irl

FurBall Cafe FurBall Cafe Administrators 29 Administrators 29
I need admins and Mods

It's a calm friendly chill server with lots of fun bots and people

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*strawberry dreamland *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*strawberry dreamland *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Administrators 33 Administrators 33
looking for admins!

welcome 2 strawberry dreamland! this is a sfw kawaii community where u can chat with people, game, and more! please keep everything lighthearted and respect everybody. if u cannot follow the rules, it can result in a ban.

Producers Community Producers Community Administrators 64 Administrators 64
Looking for staff

Hi Everyone hopefully you will join our team by joining the server https://discord.gg/4K84J5FT for a short interview to see your skills so that we can fulfill the various projects and be able to satisfy the members

NFTStainz's NFTStainz's Administrators 141 Administrators 141
Looking for a Admin

We are looking looking for a admin that Knows about crypto/NFT’s and can be a helpful Administrator !

Starry Night Starry Night Administrators 80 Administrators 80
Looking for active and versatile staff

My server is a very diverse server with many different aspects, from roleplay to gaming to a completely unique economy. But the most important thing is the community. Must be 18+.

𝕊𝟝𝔸ℙ𝕃𝔸𝕐𝕊 𝕊𝟝𝔸ℙ𝕃𝔸𝕐𝕊 Administrators 65 Administrators 65
Promotion Team Head

Hi Everyone hopefully you will join our team by joining the server https://discord.gg/QzwwKxnyhv for a short interview to see your skills so that we can fulfill the various projects and be able to satisfy the members

Frogger SMP discord chat Frogger SMP discord chat Administrators 50 Administrators 50
STAFF (these people will help you)

go to the long description for the name and numbers for the admins and mods Co-owner(s) & Owner makes mods Mods make Admins Admins make Helpers if you just want to help out the community of Froggers SMP apply to become helper

Discord Developers help Discord Developers help Administrators 14 Administrators 14

1. Community and Social Interaction: Discord servers offer a platform for people with similar interests to come together and engage in conversations, dis

Royal Air Force (RAF) Royal Air Force (RAF) Administrators 81 Administrators 81
No experience needed, Workhard Freeperms

We're looking for Staff for my discord server. All roles are open: Moderator, Helper, Admin, etc. No experience, if required, all that is required is the ability to contribute well and when needed, and to be able to help grow the server!

Neea’s Neea’s Administrators 1252 Administrators 1252
Active Administrators

A friendly and SFW server which is based off Master Oogway and a bunch of other stuff! We have a bunch of bots and active joining members!

Shroomville Shroomville Administrators 28 Administrators 28

Looking for people who are interested in being part of the Shroom Crew by becoming a Shroom Guard and keeping the server active. As a Shroom Guard you qill get training and as you SG (Shroom Guard) you will have more rights and command task

/ᴘᴇʀᴋᴢ | pfps · social hangout /ᴘᴇʀᴋᴢ | pfps · social hangout Administrators 847 Administrators 847
We are looking for overseers!

We are looking for: Overseers (Head Admins) * 15+ * Active * Experienced in moderating and running semi-toxic servers

MaR Airport Simulator MaR Airport Simulator Administrators 20 Administrators 20
MaR Airport Simulator Administration

We are looking for staff that can help us out for each roleplay we do. For each server you join you can get 25 robux plus tip.

The Swamp The Swamp Administrators 199 Administrators 199
Staff needed!

We are currently looking for Admins to run the server! The following staff members that we need/require on board are at least 30 ish between members for staff.


Join make & have fun. lMFAOOOWelcome to Ally's, Bgc server, have fun do roleplays Make new friends!!

TSS Gamers! TSS Gamers! Administrators 218 Administrators 218

qualify by: making chat active keep the server safe make new friends you will start as a trial admin and when i see you did the qualifications you may get higher roles. please note that im trying to get more staff members so that the server

‣ 👑 | Rap Hall ‣ 👑 | Rap Hall Administrators 12342 Administrators 12342
We Need Someone Speak Spanish



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