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✨Floof Cafe ☕ background
✨Floof Cafe ☕ users-three 561 160

Hello, welcome to Floof Café! We are SFW furry and art server! We offer, an active community, many advertising/self promo channels, And plenty of talented artists offering art comissions.

The Artist's Alliance background
The Artist's Alliance users-three 326 72 3 3

Welcome to the artist alliance where artists get together to share, create and sell work together!Here's what we have to offer! Our main goal is to kickstart artists careers in freelance work

Digital Art background
Digital Art users-three 4507 699 17 17

Come hang out, make friends, share your art-works and your learning journey. We also do game nights (skribble & gartic). We have some custom bots in the works for an accountability system as well as some mini games!! We're friendly and welcoming art community. ♥

Commander Commissions background
Commander Commissions users-three 33 8

A server to sell your art, commission others, or buy and sell!

The Function background
The Function users-three 48 7 4 4

Hello welcome to our art server! We allow adoptables, commissions, art of any kind along with any friendly people. This server for the most part is ANTI-TOXIC and supports everyone. If you are an artist please join!!! We would love to see your work.

silly starship crew! background
silly starship crew! users-three 26 14

NEW SERVER! looking for help building a 18+ non nsfw community of gamers/artists! be one of the first to discover this server!

Commission Market (16+) background
Commission Market (16+) users-three 591 130 7 7

16+ Commission Market is a community driven server dedicated to writers and artists from all walks of life!

Freelance Marketplace background
Freelance Marketplace users-three 11245 1423 2 2

The BEST freelancing server on Discord! It's EASY to post and browse for jobs and services. We have an ACTIVE community!

Arts of Discord : Galaxies of Creativity background
Arts of Discord : Galaxies of Creativity users-three 1998 500 2 2

Commissions , Buying , Selling Arts is a YES! 💜 Commissions (Selling/Buying Arts)! 💜 Events such as Roast-My-Art! 💜 Art Help & Tips! 💜 Friendly Community! 💜 Arts Sharing! 💜 Self-Promo! Arts of Discord is Discord's #1 Art Community, a friendly place dedicated to helping it's members express their creativity and explore the world of art. With a galaxy-themed atmosphere, you can take part in fun art activities (e.g.: roast-my-art), can learn, create

l i g h t background
l i g h t users-three 75 27

╭ ﹒ fleur﹒ 🌿.* ︴﹒ 🦢 ﹒social ∙ art ╰ ﹒ come join now﹒ 🍵 ﹒

Transformers Lounge background
Transformers Lounge users-three 277 61 4 4

art, movies, and chaotic conversations what more do you want?

the creative collective background
the creative collective users-three 74 22

a very new art server to make friends, share your art, post commissions, etc. we have a bunch of channels for people who are interested in fashion, writing, film, animation, music etc as welll

Starving artists background
Starving artists users-three 75 10

A growing community of artists who can buy and sell art.

FRU1TL00PS background
FRU1TL00PS users-three 1104 152 8 8

what is FRU1TL00PS? ⊹₊꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷‧˚₊⊹ we are an art server to help promote your art and to help others sell/trade their ocs. Were a welcoming community for all artists at every level.

୨୧ Klee's Castle ﹕Commissions and Servers background
୨୧ Klee's Castle ﹕Commissions and Servers users-three 13 7

Simply, a commission and buy/sell server. Klee and castle themed