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A Wholesome Federation background
A Wholesome Federation users-three 7 4

A less corporate corporation, for artists and game developers to connect!

IndieGame YouTube Official Server background
IndieGame YouTube Official Server users-three 288 43

Official channel for YouTube/IndieGame https://www.youtube.com/indiegame

trash can kids background
trash can kids users-three 13 8

a small community for indie game devs or game devs in general to collab and help eachother. server is mainly about my small game im trying to develop, and having a small community to support it.

PaxelGames Community background
PaxelGames Community users-three 30 10

PaxelGames community server. We are a community for game development, indie gamers or just gamers in general where you can socialize, share thoughts and ideas, help each other and play together on discord or anywhere else.

Chroma Golem background
Chroma Golem users-three 126 42 2 2

We're a new game studio with an ambitious dream: to merge the excitement of gaming with the power of AI. This server is our cozy corner of the internet where we not only share our ideas and experiences but also welcome you to join us!

Starkeepers MMO background
Starkeepers MMO users-three 1257 381 14 14

Starkeepers is a hero-based action combat MMO set in a mythological epic fantasy world. Descend as an Astral being, embody different heroes and prove your worth as a Starkeeper. Build, battle, and rule together with friends by your side. Join now to be the first to find out about our upcoming playtests!