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Libby's Japanese Academy background
Libby's Japanese Academy users-three 18905 3566 27 27

A Japanese learning server with lots of beginner friendly lessons, live classes, and events like Karaoke and Movie nights. JP Academy is an active community where you have access to a multitude of resources, and can learn alongside others studying Japanese.

JP & EN 言語Cafe background
JP & EN 言語Cafe users-three 7230 1140 13 13

JP & EN Language Cafe is a server created to help people learn English and Japanese. We have many native speakers and experienced teachers, who can provide excellent support. Join our community and learn a language for real!

Aka Japan background
Aka Japan users-three 10076 1563 6 6

Aka Japan is a community dedicated to helping learners of all levels to learn, share, and discover Japanese/English.

The Insane Asylum background
The Insane Asylum users-three 122 31

Chimi & Japanese Classes and Kotoba Quizzes ! Server revolves around helping you properly study Kanji. Classes will be led by proficient teachers who will answer all your questions. The server will help make grinding Kanji extremely simple and enjoyable.

日本語・ドイツ語・英語を勉強するサーバーです!ゆるく雑談したり、メンバーと言語交換したりしています。お気軽にご参加ください〜 In this server we study Japanese, German, and English! If you are interested in one of these languages, why don't you come to chat or talk with us?

SLguru background
SLguru users-three 541 68

2003年から続く息の長いバーチャルワールド Second Life (セカンドライフ) の日本語ユーザー向け非公式Discordサーバーです。 📌自動収集での情報掲載 📌テキストチャンネルのみ 📌声かけしません 📌R18+要素は公式に準じます(つまりOK) ~法定成人指定はSecondLifeの規約です~ ※NFTや暗号通貨などのメタバース資産系の話題は扱っていません。

Japanese Learning Community background
Japanese Learning Community users-three 48 21

🌟✨We are a fun and active Japanese Language Learning community🌟✨

ゆるざつ background
ゆるざつ users-three 799 175 16 16

For chillax but in Japanese language only. Website: https://yuruzatsu.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/disco_yuruzatsu

Ukiyo | 浮世 background
Ukiyo | 浮世 users-three 801 130

A Japanese-English exchange server where we learn language while chilling with others.

Ukiyo - The Fun Way To Learn Languages background
Ukiyo - The Fun Way To Learn Languages users-three 19 7

Ukiyo is a new site & app that helps you learn Japanese the fun way - with Music. Join now to become a beta tester!

紆余曲折 Valley background
紆余曲折 Valley users-three 654 93

A server focused on advanced learners & native speakers of Japanese.

Projet de carte historique background
Projet de carte historique users-three 223 28 2 2

A mapping and history server for Japanese speakers. The server also has an English chat