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MasterJack background
MasterJack users-three 5002 601 3 3

🌺🐇ALL YOU WANT 🌻👀 in one place .... ..............................................

ඞ ☕ milk café 🏳🌈🏳⚧ | ngw background
ඞ ☕ milk café 🏳🌈🏳⚧ | ngw users-three 1705 278 16 16

A small server with an active and chaotic community. We're all very welcoming and loud. Very accepting.

Patreaction background
Patreaction users-three 6823 741 30 30

Home to Patreaction Bot, a bot that auto gets any Patreon Reaction (Anime, Series, Movies, Kdrama, Kpop) from a lot of creators FOR FREE! Join us and use the bot to get your favorite creators' reactions instantly!!

﹫ricky background
﹫ricky users-three 93 37 12 12

welc to luvity!! we are: - sfw - 13+ - non-tox - multistan server : cravity, fromis_9, p1harmony, aespa, ateez, xikers, dreamcatcher, SHINee, enhypen, &team, cix, onlyoneof (ooo), kingdom, billlie, loona, e’last etc

UNIFY ENT background
UNIFY ENT users-three 17 7

Where youre dreams and KPOP unify! UNIFY ENT is a kpop entertainment agency run on discord where you can debut as a kpop idol, train like one, and talk about KPOP with our friendly community! TRAINEE/DEBUT APPLICATIONS: ALWAYS OPEN STAFF APPLICATIONS: OPEN

NPC Server background
NPC Server users-three 35 19 4 4

Welcome to the NPC Server, a haven for like-minded individuals! Immerse yourself in our welcoming community where Anime, Manga, K-pop, and more flourish. Forge meaningful connections, discover close friendships, and nurture lasting relationships. All are invited to embark on this extraordinary journey of shared passions. Join us today and let the adventure begin

A small community for all kpop fandoms etc with absolutely no nsfw!! Come join and invite your friends!

House of Army⁷ background
House of Army⁷ users-three 549 49 2 2

House of ARMY! THE place for BTS fans, Run by a 5 year Army! Join a new and developing server and help make it great, now SERVER BOOSTED!

Euphoric background
Euphoric users-three 314 102 1 1

JOIN THE ICE SPICE FAN SERVER all ages accepted we funny asl WE NEED MORE MEMBERS FRL do what u want we do not care

⌑   ₊  ♩.   eunoia ∿  . ⋌ background
⌑   ₊  ♩.   eunoia ∿  . ⋌ users-three 162 51 9 9


🍀 neverlands cafe background
🍀 neverlands cafe users-three 21 12

•°. ࿐ neverlands cafe a place for K-pop Wattpad authors/writers, designers, editors, etc. ╰ aesthetically pleasing ╰ anyone may join! ╰ txt themed

➼ ᴋ-ᴘᴏᴘ ᴢᴏɴᴇ background
➼ ᴋ-ᴘᴏᴘ ᴢᴏɴᴇ users-three 216 43

Kpop zone is a server for kpop stans and non k-pop stans! Just chill in this server and have fun.

Akaibara background
Akaibara users-three 41 23

hello deary! In this server you can make friends and it is child friendly server. You can do many stuff in this server like streaming, gaming and we have fun activities So we hope we'll see you soon!

Ici, c'est un serveur convivial pour toutes les personnes aimant la K-pop et/ou la culture Sud-Coréenne. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre

melokitty background
melokitty users-three 54 28

Hey we are a Kpop inspired server, We opened recently and looking for members and mods!

ENHYPEN Paradise   ⊹ #DarkBlood background
ENHYPEN Paradise   ⊹ #DarkBlood users-three 1287 144 12 12

Hello ENGENE! This server is a safe place for ENGENE and other kpop fandom members to chat and play!

NCT Paradise background
NCT Paradise users-three 74 24 7 7

Very active kpop server, with frequent vcs and watch parties. Join the fun today!

Mortal Hoe is a fun, chaotic, LBGTQ+ & POC-friendly community offering movie nights, karaoke, and a safe space for all.

/anika background
/anika users-three 25128 1911 105 105

we're a safe growing non - toxic community with over 70+ emotes to use, our server is based on gaming, olivia rodrigo, madison beer, kpop & anime! we offer gws and more. we also have events and booster perks.

╭﹒><﹒intro ! ﹒ϟ﹒↻ ♪﹕ 🛍️ ﹕non toxic + sfw, friendly 2 evry1 ! ﹒⁺ ╭╯★☆ kpop + anime focus ! ﹒❀ ╰・ ♡︰always hiring apms + pms n uploders ! >﹏

Alex's bad depressed bitches background
Alex's bad depressed bitches users-three 47 13

𓈒𓏸 **stan loona** ♡ ༺♡༻ __+__ *active chats & vcs* ༺♡༻ __+__ *nice staff* ༺♡༻ __+__ *fun channels* ༺♡༻ __+__ *variation of bots* ༺♡༻ __+__ *much more* https://discord.gg/SaruxQNVrZ

☆   . .   meraki background
☆   . .   meraki users-three 261 61 1 1

🩰 . . MERAKi . . kpop . . multifandom ➜ sfw & poc owned ; 🎐. open staff apps and partnerships ; ﹒custom roles , prns , colors etc ; ⵌ looking for active members !!

K-LAND background
K-LAND users-three 327 65 6 6

Hello! We are K-LAND. We are a community for all K-Pop and Anime fandoms! Our server is to make new friends and have fun of course. Come and join our server to have fun. We are still a small community so we would like new members to join and make our community to grow. ♡

K-Life background
K-Life users-three 46 9

A server for all kpop fans despite what bands you stan. Real time updates for each band 24/7 from Weverse, Vlive, youtube, instagram and we are constantly adding more. You can meet people from all around the world who share the same taste in music as you do!!! There is also a channel coming up shortly for how to learn korean lessons for those who want to learn!!

I-LAND 2 | 2023 background
I-LAND 2 | 2023 users-three 289 48

Welcome to I-LAND 2! This is a server for a new mnet survival show forming a girl group under HYBE.

astra background
astra users-three 27 18

⁀➷ welcome to the garden! we have lots of great things to offer here: amazing bots, customization, & an overall chill environment! we offer kpop channels, gaming channels, and lovely deco!

BTS (방탄소년단) 13:21 | 12/05 background
BTS (방탄소년단) 13:21 | 12/05 users-three 1811 84

Active BTS server with 2k+ ARMYs. A friendly community, topic discussions, multiple vcs and Multifandoms are welcome!

shibui background
shibui users-three 38 18

we are a small growing server with an addition of many bots and more channels to come. we share many interests but mainly kpop, animanga, vocaloid, vkei, rhythm games and etc. this server is jff but occasionally we'll try to do giveaways when the time comes.

exo . rp background
exo . rp users-three 48 13

Welcome to `exo . rp ୨🎀୧ Rol + Social ୨🎀୧ Todos los fandoms son bienvenidos ୨🎀୧ EXO + white Themed ୨🎀୧ Server +16 (Por seguridad y comodidad para rolear) ·🌸ી En busca de Mods + miembros activos ♡

A complete empire filled with your favourite k-pop groups and more!