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Delulu Land background
Delulu Land users-three 1399 214 4 4

Hii!! We’re a new dating/make-friends server where people can meet people who share similar interests as them, and just do whatever!!

Kartaii Universes Landing background
Kartaii Universes Landing users-three 6 5

This is just our invite server so you can be able to join our main one ( this is just for all the bots for the server invite) - please click so you can see more on our server :)

💐Flowers💐 background
💐Flowers💐 users-three 26 21 3 3

This server has been made to build a safe place for the community

Love in the air background
Love in the air users-three 64 26 1 1

Come here and find your perfect match! Our cupids put time into finding you the perfect match! Also did you know that you can be a cupid! Not into finding a match? Well you can find friends too!

˚  Ꮗ・꒰vibes heaven꒱ 𓂃ꔫ background
˚  Ꮗ・꒰vibes heaven꒱ 𓂃ꔫ users-three 210 70 5 5

LGBTQ+ FRIEND MATCHMAKING SERVER ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱ 𓂃ꔫ꒱

Chaos Nebula background
Chaos Nebula users-three 20 11 1 1

✨Welcome travellers from afar! This is Chaos Nebula a star which is part of our vast starry sea.✨ It is somewhere where you can stop and chill on your long journey. We are LGBTQ friendly! Chaos Nebula offers a variety of thing! So join now! 🕊️

★ Nick's and Aaron's chill forest hut ★ background
★ Nick's and Aaron's chill forest hut ★ users-three 17 12

Hellooooo there! Welcome to ★ Nick's and Aaron's chill forest hut ★ ! Here you can find a friendly community, a safespace, you can just hangout with people or maybe even try finding that special someone. (we're currently looking for staff) Everyone is welcome here, so why not join?

Soul Powers background
Soul Powers users-three 729 123 13 13

This is the resort where you can socialize and make new friends. On the way, we can also help you find your soulmate!

poly look background
poly look users-three 2 1

17 yr old trans male looking for a long tern poly relarionship

a rose by any other name background
a rose by any other name users-three 13 5

16+ sfw only this is a dating server that matches yanderes with other yanderes

looking for poly background
looking for poly users-three 4 3

looking for a long term poly relationship 17-18. -----

「ᴍɪx × ᴍᴀᴛᴄʜ」18+ background
「ᴍɪx × ᴍᴀᴛᴄʜ」18+ users-three 247 69 4 4

We are a new friendly community who welcomes anyone from any walk of life! Here you can find your love, friends and even a QPR!

poly partners! background
poly partners! users-three 3 3

looking for partners to be in a polyamory relationship with! i want this to be a getting to know each other while dating thing so please be ok with that!

ツ ПIGHTMΛRΣ background
ツ ПIGHTMΛRΣ users-three 333 82 17 17

︶꒦︶꒷︶︶꒷꒦︶︶︶꒷꒦ ♡ ୨୧﹕✧˖˚ ➸ ツ ПIGHTMΛRΣ‧₊˚꒷꒦** ~ lots of cool people ~ be matchmaked !! ~ find friends or love

Lgbtq matchmaking background
Lgbtq matchmaking users-three 8 4

We are an upcoming matchmaking server especially for lgbtq members we hope u have a great time here :))