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LGBT+ Body Shop background
LGBT+ Body Shop users-three 30 19

We're a fitness server specifically for members of the LGBT+ community. We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable server for those wishing to improve their fitness, eating habits, health, and similar aspects in their life. There are a number of channels for all sorts of topics, as well as helpful users that can help coach others. As long as you're part of the pride community, everyone is welcome!

JuJuBombas! Fall Guys LATAM background
JuJuBombas! Fall Guys LATAM users-three 709 161 14 14

Server de Fall Guys (desde Agosto/2020) e de outros jogos. Comunidade para toda AmΓ©rica Latina (PT-BR y EspaΓ±ol). SΓ£o bem vindos jogadores novatos e veteranos de todas as idades! LGBTQIA+

ForbiddenPalace background
ForbiddenPalace users-three 44 15

This is a friendly Fandom server, where all types of fandom users can conversate with each other. This server also has hobbies such as music, editing, roleplay, ERP (18+), art, animate, gaming, technology, programing, and more.

Stranded Light: Transformers Multiverse background
Stranded Light: Transformers Multiverse users-three 23 10 2 2

An LGBTQIA+ Transformers RP server where the Lost Light explores the multiverse! Canon & AU worlds. OCS & Canons allowed

PrideTuve | EN background
PrideTuve | EN users-three 47 19 2 2

Minecraft | LGBTQIA+ | Community - We are a Discord server where it is mainly about LGBTQIA+. We want to guarantee a safe Discord server for people from the LGBTQIA+ community. We are also in the process of building a Minecraft server and would also be happy if you want to support us (building, socail media stuff...) -> The build may take some time. We look forward to getting to know you :D

🌸 The Garden 🌸 The Garden is an 18+ server open to everyone. We are a safe space for LGBTQIA+, POC, gender/sexes, background. We are a fairly new server with a growing community for friends, gaming, voice chat, and more!

Dragons Blood background
Dragons Blood users-three 49 22 1 1

Started Vault Hunters as of 4/2/23. Restarted on a better server host as of 4/10/23. So fairly new on the modpack so you wouldn't be behind if you joined in now!

Ready to be a Pirate, Islander and/or Pirate Hunter.. Well this server is the one for you!

Palace Playpen πŸ‘‘ background
Palace Playpen πŸ‘‘ users-three 355 93 10 10

**LOOKING FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS AND ACTIVE STAFF** We are a growing SFW agere and petre server!

Gojo's Fan Club background
Gojo's Fan Club users-three 31 15

Gojo’s Fan Club is an 18+ chill server for people who like anime, friends, gaming, and community. We are a LGBTQIA+ friendly server and welcome anyone from the alphabet mafia as well as allies.

Minecraft Brasil DEV background
Minecraft Brasil DEV users-three 22 20

A comunidade Minecraft Brasil Γ© um lugar acolhedor para jogadores brasileiros. NΓ³s incentivamos a cooperação, a diversidade e oferecemos diferentes modos de jogo, como construção, sobrevivΓͺncia e PVP. Nossa comunidade Γ© caracterizada por uma grande camaradagem entre os membros, compartilhando sua paixΓ£o pelo jogo e ajudando uns aos outros. Junte-se a nΓ³s para desfrutar de uma experiΓͺncia ΓΊnica e divertida em Minecraft!

Gilsan's Den background
Gilsan's Den users-three 151 41 9 9

The name's Gilsan! Come be a part of my community!

Penis Lickers background
Penis Lickers users-three 64 4

We have emojis and roles as well as color roles. Right now we have not very many people but the people we have are the coolest. We have a music bot for the voice chats and we have a level bot. We have welcome/goodbye bots. And ofc we are lgbt friendly (gay mods)

Cotton Candy Cave background
Cotton Candy Cave users-three 44 22 2 2

A community server for gamers and content creators. The server is intended for English and German speaking users, but everyone is welcome! Mainly Dead by Daylight!

Femboy Hell background
Femboy Hell users-three 240 60

We are a 17+ femboy server. We have Age Verification for 18+ members requiring ID for NSFW channels. We are a consistently lvl2 server, looking to grow. We are also semi-active! We are looking for other LGBTQIA servers to partner with that house 17+ year olds. Please reach out if interested

orangutan's minecraft fun background
orangutan's minecraft fun users-three 25 10

Are you sad, lonely, in poverty, or starving on the streets? If you said yes to any of these, JOIN ORANGUTAN'S MINECRAFT FUN!! Here you can have a supportive community that can help you run away from your problems and never address them!

Winter Wonderland background
Winter Wonderland users-three 106 25

We are a matchmaking server with venting, giveaways, pfps, cute mods and admins and more.

✨The Land Of The Stars ✨ background
✨The Land Of The Stars ✨ users-three 123 38

A small community server for plurality, lgbtqia, and really anyone!

comfort quilt background
comfort quilt users-three 444 53

a safe and fun community that cares about you for anyone to join! :D

Art Dump background
Art Dump users-three 526 99

A TBHK themed server specifically for artists (at any stage) to join and share artwork!! LGBTQIA+ community, Anime/manga, Sfw, Monthly events!!

Femboyo Land background
Femboyo Land users-three 215 43 4 4

A safe place for femboys and all other queers :D This is a server you can just talk on and chill hehe, we've got a few events throughout the week including but not limited to tummy tuesday and femboy friday. Chat does die at times and it'd be nice to get some more people in to liven it up :3

Gay ppl background
Gay ppl users-three 36 13 2 2

Chill lgbt gaming sever where you can talk about your hobbies and make friends.

A goofy server for making friends, playing roblox, and being goombas

Vava House background
Vava House users-three 30 9

Vava House Γ© a melhor comunidade de Valorant do Brasil! VEM PRA BASE! VEM PRA VAVA HOUSE!

nox’s ghost corner background
nox’s ghost corner users-three 25 16

Welcome to ghost corner οΈΆοΈΆοΈΆοΈΆΰΌ‰β€§β‚ŠΛš. A server to meet new people or friends!

𖀐v4mp1𖀐 background
𖀐v4mp1𖀐 users-three 96 37

_ _ ₍ᐒ milkies α’β‚Ž ≧▽≦ sfwοΉ’lgbtq+οΉ’littlespace blue and white aes + decor β˜… β™‘οΉ’ hiring staff!

The Homies background
The Homies users-three 119 46 9 9

β€’οΈ± Active Chat/Hang Out And Chill β€’οΈ± The Best Resources For Gaming and Friends Memes?! β€’οΈ± Listen To Music Bangers

The Lucent Lounge background
The Lucent Lounge users-three 35 18

Chill Community, where we play games, talk about anime, and vibe with music. All are welcome!

Pirates of the Transatlantic background
Pirates of the Transatlantic users-three 606 169 6 6

Active and Friendly LGBTQIA+ Sea of Thieves Discord Server! New players are welcome! We always love introducing new people to the seas! LGBT allies are welcome! (e.g. cis-gender heterosexual allies of the LGBT community) What we offer: β€’ A safe space to be yourself while sailing the seas! β€’ Looking-for-group channels that are running ships daily! β€’ Alliance Events where we get multiple ships into the same in-game servers for coordinated fun!

Dragon Ball Z Chill background
Dragon Ball Z Chill users-three 22 13

A new Dragon ball chill server for fans of it to relax and make friends.