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Blue Nimbus background
Blue Nimbus users-three 34 14 2 2

Music collaboration server for producers, instrumentalists, artists and mixing-mastering engineers.

Epsilon Records background
Epsilon Records users-three 290 97

🎧 Join our Discord community of producers and musicians. 🎹 We are actively signing new artists! 🎁 Free giveaways!

Los Angeles Musicians Collaboration background
Los Angeles Musicians Collaboration users-three 17 2

Brand new LA-based server to network, create, and grow in music industry. Vocalists, music producers, content creators all welcome here.

redroom22 Discord background
redroom22 Discord users-three 475 51

Official redroom22 Discord | Music | Producers | Social | Beats

JOIN THE NEW DISCORD users-three 4178 517 12 12

We help Music Producers, Rappers, Singers, Sound Engineers, whatever you do with music, we have a community that will help you out, we do daily contests, and host interviews!

Producers Free VSTs & Drumkits + Networking background
Producers Free VSTs & Drumkits + Networking users-three 763 61

The BEST community for musicians and gamers. With access to the TOP plug-ins, vocal presets, and more we've established our mark in the producer community. Come get famous

MJ's Synclavier Den background
MJ's Synclavier Den users-three 485 101 17 17

A relaxed server dedicated to both Michael Jackson and music production! Whether you're a hardcore fan or simply enjoy great music, you're invited to join us in paying tribute to the King of Pop and exploring the creative process behind his iconic sound!