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Hacken background
Hacken users-three 15533 227 15 15

Hacken server = security tips, crypto discussions, active community and engaging activities. Powered by the $HAI token

CoinTrack & Beyond background
CoinTrack & Beyond users-three 33 12 6 6

Votre source d'actualités blockchain. Restez informé des dernières tendances et innovations. Rejoignez-nous ! 🌐🔗

Aerotyme background
Aerotyme users-three 1800 565 14 14

Welcome to the Aerotyme (AERO) Discord server, where crypto enthusiasts come together to explore the exciting world of Aerotyme and engage in meaningful discussions about blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Stereotyped Elephant World background
Stereotyped Elephant World users-three 941 38

Stereotyped Elephant World is a new brand NFT project that aims to promote equality and respect for every individual. The NFT collection is COMPLETELY DESIGNED AND PROJECTED BY HAND, making it unique and of high value. 🖌️

Ziden Official Discord background
Ziden Official Discord users-three 17 3

Ziden is a self-sovereign identity platform with verifiable attestation powered by an advanced technology which is zero-knowledge proofs. Our products are available on Web2 and Web3. Check out Ziden Discord and website ziden.io for more information. Get in contact with us directly.

Bubble background
Bubble users-three 26 7

Bubble Browser allows people to mint webpages and all of it's code directly on the polygon blockchain, deploy a bubble contract, mint a page and link it to a domain. Bubble Browser is an easy way towards a decentralized immutable web.

Merit background
Merit users-three 78 9

Merit connects talented candidates to searching hiring managers within the web3 community. Join now, find work, or talent. Get to know the web3 community!

BuyTheBeachDAO background
BuyTheBeachDAO users-three 200 27

BuyTheBeachDAO web3 community of beach lovers! Join our web3 community of beach lovers as we find the ultimate beach paradise for our own private use.

Cryptosharks background
Cryptosharks users-three 49 15

Crypto education-based community looking to teach every new member about every aspect of the ever-changing world of Crypto through courses and peer-to-peer learning.

TokenMinds background
TokenMinds users-three 432 49

A server meant for TokenMinds Academy community. Learn Web3, NFT/Crypto Marketing, NFT/Blockchain Development for free through our free webinars from TokenMinds Academy! https://discord.gg/tchykqRf8p

MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 background
MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 users-three 20127 1260 18 18

We are bridging the gap between an existing ideological communities + an NFT Community + web3 Decentralized Media Network for freedom of ideas and expression. Know more at https://micemedia.io/ or https://twitter.com/THEMICE_

redroom22 Discord background
redroom22 Discord users-three 409 20

redroom22 Discord | Social - Music - Art - Content - Web3 - Giveaways redroom22.com

Game Space background
Game Space users-three 50818 357

The first GameFi as a Service in the whole network. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, the game or APP of gaming companies can have the same blockchain function of StepN in as little as 7 days of development, including NFT distribution and trading.

CC Club background
CC Club users-three 5146 148

The brand new cryptocurrency community, everything you want about cryptocurrency is here. What can you do here? 1. Direct, fast and ultra-low fee trading of crypto 2. Create your exclusive bot with free API, only your bot 3. Like-minded crypto partners play web3 with you 4. More giveaway/ tip free for you More features are waiting for you to discover: https://discord.gg/Kc92hxfSaT

GAIMIN Arena background
GAIMIN Arena users-three 15994 391 19 19

Web3 gaming platform & game launcher. Offering true game asset ownership & passive rewards for gamers. SDKs offering complete Web3 functionality for Web2 games.

UD Trading Club background
UD Trading Club users-three 422 50 3 3

Join the UD Trading Club — An Unstoppable Domains trading community.

OKX Official background
OKX Official users-three 95675 2885 18 18

A powerful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in your pocket. Connect with like-minded people and grow your interest. Start at https://discord.gg/okx

Artyfact Metaverse background
Artyfact Metaverse users-three 48571 4952 14 14

Artyfact is a Web3 Gaming metaverse that combines the best AAA games and GameFi, combining the latest technology with a Play-and-Earn economic model that puts the gaming experience above making money.

FashionableMetaverse background
FashionableMetaverse users-three 64 7

Talks about the Metaverse, NFTs and Fashion. We are here to share and learn from each other