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DeafBlind Minetest Gaming background
DeafBlind Minetest Gaming
SFW 34 us
DeafBlind Minetest Gaming
Gamers Safe Space Minetest Disabled Accessible

Deaf and Blind operated and owned dedicated community website ( and Minetest Multiplayer Server. This guild, website and the multiplayer server aims to provide accessible, fun and safe space to everyone be gaming in and be apart of! Come to check us out! :)

Gamers Dojo background
Gamers Dojo
Gaming 64 us
Gamers Dojo
Community Gaming Self Promo LFG Gamers

Growing Gaming Community! If your a gamer that wants to play games with people but cant find anyone there's a lot of people in our server ready to play! and if you would like to self promo there's an option in the server everyone's really supportive .