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water tribe ₊˚.༄ background
water tribe ₊˚.༄ users-three 10102 1228 75 75

₊˚.༄ An aesthetic themed server with a fast growing and chill community. Strictly SFW and host weekly Nitro giveaways. 200+ Emotes °。 +.

Doki Doki Club!﹒#roadto200 ⟢ background
Doki Doki Club!﹒#roadto200 ⟢ users-three 197 53

▧﹒ ﹒ 🎀 Doki Doki Club!﹒୨୧﹒ ‹𝟹﹒₊ ⨳ ﹒🧁` 𓏸 ⁺ ❀ ⁺ ꕤ 💌 ₊﹒ ⟡ 🗞◎﹒ ♡ Sfw + DDLC themed﹗(^ ^) → % ﹒🍵﹢Cute server design —﹒⇆

.gg/genzverse 🪐🥔🐰🚜🎸 background
.gg/genzverse 🪐🥔🐰🚜🎸 users-three 316 57 17 17

METRION MILLENIALVERSE 🪐 • emotes • stickers • icons • nitro giveaway • nostalgia • lofi • fun bots • tord •

SocialZone background
SocialZone users-three 603 131 29 29

An adaptable community for you to call home including events, anime giveaways, games and more.

Wojak's Emote Hub background
Wojak's Emote Hub users-three 19375 7781 17 17

A Wojak themed nitro emote hub/emoji server with 495+ Wojak emotes and 55+ stickers! discord.gg/wojak

Asteria's Planet background
Asteria's Planet users-three 5031 676 19 19

🌸⸝⸝ Active Community・Nitro Giveaways・Weekly Events・500 Emotes・60 Stickers・Custom Mascot & Bot

──🎍 ꒰꒰ nezuko box's — is an animanga, gaming, and artist friendly community with 450+ custom emotes and nice aesthetic

RXL-Stadia background
RXL-Stadia users-three 245 49 7 7

Anime Emojis: Tiger & Fox smiley sets | Flashy Alphabets & Numbers Main Games: MechArena | COD Mobile | Rockman X DiVE | YuGiOh Master Duel

slavs emojis of color background
slavs emojis of color users-three 924 142 1 1

A server for diverse black emojis. Be sure to look at the five other servers in the invites channel!

Sakuria is a community server with memes, anime, cool emotes, chill chats and many other things! Come join us, to socialize and have fun. Enjoy!

GHOST GRAVEYARD users-three 1995 1010 30 30

Community VRChat creator server - lvl 3 boosted - art comm advertising - 400+ emotes

🌅Sunset themed server ✨100+ emotes 💛New community, come and be an OG 🧡Fun, lovely community 🍸Plenty of bots to keep you entertained 💗Supportive and active staff team 🌇Lots of fun times to be had - Join now! 🔮

Promote Your Boat! background
Promote Your Boat! users-three 7288 1010 1 1

Climb aboard to promote whatever floats your boat with our boat-load of channels for servers, socials/links, and finding services. We welcome you as a part of the Crew.

Rude Fam 𝙂𝙖𝙣𝙜 background
Rude Fam 𝙂𝙖𝙣𝙜 users-three 486 88 8 8

💬🔊 An extremely active 550,000+ members server! Tons of E-Girls & E-boys, 400-500 Users always in VC, 24/7 chatters & giveaways. Over 500 emotes + FUN custom-bot features. Join us now! discord.gg/hangout

House of Belmonts background
House of Belmonts users-three 130 56 2 2

Castlevania/Bloodstained emotes, stickers and soundboards for your use! Feel free to join simply for this!

Grimaldi Cafe ♧ background
Grimaldi Cafe ♧ users-three 19 14 2 2

Grimaldi Cafe is a public discord server full of fun bots,events,emotes,and anime. Here at the Grimaldi Family everyone is considered Family.

Capyhub background
Capyhub users-three 14567 5918 28 28

The capybara is a giant rodent native to South America, and Capyhub is the official community for capybaras on the internet!

Hangoutˎˊ Emotes background
Hangoutˎˊ Emotes users-three 1323 235

😽Extra emotes for nitro users! over 100+ more emotes for anyone to use freely to add to your collection!😽 Free advertising for your server! Join now and look for the self promotion channel!

Mr GVSM's Discord background
Mr GVSM's Discord users-three 466 131 14 14

This is a community Discord for my YouTube channel (Mr GVSMRB) A Roblox channel but you still can find a way to fit in if you don't enjoy the game. You can make friends here and have some fun with our occasional events! What are you waiting for, why don't you come and join in on the fun!

overtime :social , pfps background
overtime :social , pfps users-three 84804 8301 157 157

icon server • emotes • social • pfps • tons of nitro giveaways! join us baby 💋

GilBot™ Royal Paradise background
GilBot™ Royal Paradise users-three 78 27

GilBot Developer Center is both a community discord server and support server for our bot GilBot.

edating gamers <3 background
edating gamers <3 users-three 32 2

A server where you can make friends or a find relationship that will most likely be long-term by making a simple intro that's all you need to do! And you'll meet some amazing people here

Gaming Server/Dating Server background
Gaming Server/Dating Server users-three 15 2

A server where you can make friends or a find relationship that will most likely be long-term by making a simple intro that's all you need to do! And you'll meet some amazing people here

Deadman Wonderland background
Deadman Wonderland users-three 152 56

★We're a Server dedicated to the anime & manga of the same name, 'Deadman Wonderland'

CTF 2: Last Laugh edition background
CTF 2: Last Laugh edition users-three 30 23

Clowns Together Funny 2 Clowns Together Funny 2 Clowns Together Funny 2

‧₊˚↷Blush↶‧₊˚  | Anime ∘ Emotes ∘ Genshin Impact background
‧₊˚↷Blush↶‧₊˚  | Anime ∘ Emotes ∘ Genshin Impact users-three 101773 15368 110 110

exciting convos happening every moment ❥ we’re one of the most active anime social communities with 500+ cute unique emotes

gaslight background
gaslight users-three 331 88 10 10

come make friends and enjoy the servers aesthetic and variety of emojis ♡

JOIN FOR JOIN 🍀 ✦ j4j・nitro・pfps・gifs・emotes background
JOIN FOR JOIN 🍀 ✦ j4j・nitro・pfps・gifs・emotes users-three 71419 4033 38 38

🍀 #1 Most Active J4J Server 💎 500 Best Emotes 🎁 Nitro Giveaways 🍀 No bots, Scammer, Leavers 🌈 Grow Your Server Fast

Astolfo Emotes background
Astolfo Emotes users-three 2571 809 5 5

A place dedicated to our favorite rider from fate grand order!

Hololive Discord ⋅ ホロライブ ꒱ ˊˎ background
Hololive Discord ⋅ ホロライブ ꒱ ˊˎ users-three 323 100 14 14

♡ hololive — a cute emote server for hololive fans with a nice aesthetic