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Crazy Good Coffee Time background
Crazy Good Coffee Time users-three 55 11 2 2

Super chill, no toxicity, no pressure for activeness, just have some fun and sip a lil Coffee, while you're at it. :)

Overworld`s pit background
Overworld`s pit users-three 158 43 2 2

Welcome to Overworld's pit we are a bunch of chill people and we welcome all i hope you enjoy and always fell free to ask for lfg :)

πŸŒ™ πŸΊγƒ» MyreFall γƒ»πŸΊπŸŒ™ background
πŸŒ™ πŸΊγƒ» MyreFall γƒ»πŸΊπŸŒ™ users-three 94 32 2 2

.Β·:˚¨¨* β‰ˆβ˜…β‰ˆ *¨¨˚:Β·. Welcome to MyreFall ! .Β·:˚¨¨* β‰ˆβ˜…β‰ˆ *¨¨˚:Β·. --:::------::--------------------------->β—‡

Welcome to β‚ŠΛšβŠΉβ™‘π’πšπœπœπ‘πšπ«π’π§πž πŽπ›π¬πžπ¬π¬π’π¨π§! This is a 16+ SFW yandere/darling based server. Here you can meet other people who relate to the term and become friends!

Sound Waves ✨🎡 background
Sound Waves ✨🎡 users-three 11 9 2 2

Just launched! We talk EDM in here! Everyone is welcome as long as they're respectful :)

in & out background
in & out users-three 55 23 5 5

this is a chillax server, come in, count, selfies, talk about games IMVU, and alot more

Rainbow Six Siege Mates background
Rainbow Six Siege Mates users-three 40651 9262 71 71

In this server for Rainbow Six Siege players, you can talk, share moments, share memes, find friends to play with and much more! 😁

SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming background
SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming users-three 90 35 12 12

✯ SHINS 18+ is a freshly created community server whereby it focuses on social, hangout, gaming, making friends and even find your soulmate. Here verification IS optional. So feel free to join and grow the server.

dime (18+) background
dime (18+) users-three 699 138 49 49

18+ server with cool people that vc and play a multiple category of games

Mouse Utopia background
Mouse Utopia users-three 371 78 17 17

Server made by 4channers for 4channers. Join for entertaining drama and people.

/creeper pfps , nitro , social background
/creeper pfps , nitro , social users-three 286 66 15 15

Join us at /creeper - A Chill 17+ Community! Looking for a welcoming and growing community where you can socialize and meet new people who share your vibe? Look no further! Our server is the perfect place to hang out and make new friends without eve

✦ . SFW/non-toxic ✦ . emojis, emotes, stickers, ✦ . boosted perks ✦ . aesthetic black space theme ✦ . friendly staff/active owner ✦ . gaming, vc's, events, ✦ . simple set-up ✦ . personalized roles

The Sound Dispensary (21+) background
The Sound Dispensary (21+) users-three 43 24 2 2

Welcome to The Sound Dispensary We are a 21+ ID verified Music server which offers a multitude of activities. Who We Are We are a small group of music enthusiasts who also enjoy talking and smoking the jazz cabbage.

Next Level Upβ„’ background
Next Level Upβ„’ users-three 29 14

This is a teens only server if your over 17 don't ever Think about joining. (No pedos) try joining before scrolling away you never know whats in here

The Institute (13-19) background
The Institute (13-19) users-three 88 33 2 2

We are a chill (semi-toxic) discord server! We are a small community looking to grow into a larger server! We offer 13-18 with some exceptions and we offer alot of channels to choose from! So please, join us on the adventure to become a great server!


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