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EducateHacks background
EducateHacks users-three 361 35

EducateHacks is a nonprofit, edTech-themed hackathon organized by Aaryan Chitnis, Amogh Ganjikunta, and Keevan Leech. Join our discord - a place for like minded individuals to collaborate on projects!

0nyx Studios background
0nyx Studios users-three 19 13

Onyx Studios: A community for game developers and enthusiasts. Join us to collaborate, learn, and make great games together!

Coding Cove background
Coding Cove users-three 22 4 9 9

Join Coding Cove today a friendly community where advanced or junior developers come to learn and help others.

DEVELOPERY background
DEVELOPERY users-three 27 9

A community for the programming enthusiasts to learn, teach and share their experience in the development world with their universe peers.

Minecraft Brasil DEV background
Minecraft Brasil DEV users-three 22 21

A comunidade Minecraft Brasil é um lugar acolhedor para jogadores brasileiros. Nós incentivamos a cooperação, a diversidade e oferecemos diferentes modos de jogo, como construção, sobrevivência e PVP. Nossa comunidade é caracterizada por uma grande camaradagem entre os membros, compartilhando sua paixão pelo jogo e ajudando uns aos outros. Junte-se a nós para desfrutar de uma experiência única e divertida em Minecraft!

David’s Developer Safeplace background
David’s Developer Safeplace users-three 1279 113 14 14

David's Safeplace is a community of aspiring engineers to learn and grow. We offer a token service for free community coaching, access to weekly events such as kahoot trivia night and give you the opportunity to network with software engineers

Danish Roblox Creators background
Danish Roblox Creators users-three 19 10

Vi er et stille voksende dansk fælleskab af Roblox Creators. Vi samarbejder med uddannelser for at skabe events og mere!

Devs Home background
Devs Home users-three 243 28

Devs Home Home for all Developers all language and all fields

Software Books background
Software Books users-three 112 24

Heya, Are you looking for a book about a certain topic withing programming? ASP.NET Core, Typescript, Java, Kotlin, Laravel. or maybe more theoratically in depth for Requirements Engineering or Testing protocols etc? Come join us :D

JS DEVELOPERS background
JS DEVELOPERS users-three 1490 229

The server completely dedicated to JS developers. Since 2018.

PHP DEVELOPERS users-three 6725 1327 2 2

The server completely dedicated to PHP developers. Since 2018.

Discord Server Developers background
Discord Server Developers users-three 40 13

This server is all about making Discord bots, Discord servers, and coding. If you don't know how to make a bot, or you are an expert and you want to share your knowledge to help others make bots, or you are somewhere in between, this is the place for you.

Developer's Lodge background
Developer's Lodge users-three 1042 142

Welcome to the community! Here, discuss and receive help about your issue, and just generally chill out! Have a great time, and if you have any suggestions, just leave them in the suggestions channel! Thank you!

Apollo ∙ Development background
Apollo ∙ Development users-three 29 6

Free Bots! Heres what we have to offer: • Free discord bots • Web & Bot hosting • Discord server Development • Web dev • Free API Keys https://apollo-dev.ml

COLIZEUM background
COLIZEUM users-three 6267 334 6 6

Colizeum offers tools which enables game developers monetize any game by integrating blockchain Play-To-Earn economy into any game fast and easy. Colizeum is blockchain game store that allows gamers to earn by playing multiple games and make passive income by functioning like an individual guild.

Janno's World background
Janno's World users-three 55 29

Emojis server for your bot if you are bot developer

StuxieDev's Hideout background
StuxieDev's Hideout users-three 71 20

A wonderful community, fun games, friendly chats, server events & the Official discord server of Content Creator/GameDev StuxieDev.

Coffee Dev background
Coffee Dev users-three 71 15

The ultimate hangout yard for tech lovers. Coffee Dev is a community that brings together developers of all levels. Get help with your code, make connections with other advanced and beginner developers, have a discussion about your current undertaking projects and discuss your favorite languages, libraries,frame-works and much more.

Development & Tech Template | FlexGrafx background
Development & Tech Template | FlexGrafx users-three 79 18

DevHub is a programming Discord server. Everyone who has an interest in programming is very welcome here. It does not matter if you just started or have been doing it for years. This server is made so you can ask help with your projects. Very good server for students, meet your fellow students here. The server has a Dutch and English section.

We're a Developers server, mainly helping and providing codes in languages/libraries such as Discord.js (Javascript), Discord.py (Python), Bot Designer For Discord, Aoi.js, Pycord...

SuperAGI background
SuperAGI users-three 99 23

Infrastructure for building your next app with Autonomous Agents. An open-source project to enable you to develop and deploy useful autonomous agents quickly & reliably.

Dear developers! background
Dear developers! users-three 5 3

Do you like to create roblox games? Well this server is just right for you. We help build your very own roblox game and give tips about what you should do to your roblox game. If you wanna join you have to be atleast 11 or older feel free to join us!

Scripted Servers background
Scripted Servers users-three 4 2

Scripted Server specializes in creating custom Discord servers for various industries, including subscription-based servers like stocks, sneaker reselling, and crypto. Our team of experienced developers will work with you to understand your unique needs and build a server that exceeds your expectations. Choose Scripted Server for a professional and customized Discord server that fits your specific needs.

Front End Devland background
Front End Devland users-three 24 4

Front-end developer server for sharing tech news and projects

Five Nights Rebuilt background
Five Nights Rebuilt users-three 13 7

The Official Server For The Sequel To Fazbear's Reborn,

Folody Community background
Folody Community users-three 233 69 4 4

Một cộng đồng các nhà phát triển Việt Nam (Vietnamese community of developers)

CCTOY background
CCTOY users-three 17 6

SUPER MARY - How many times have you wished that your application could interact with a joystick or an external object? With SUPER MARY it is possible

𝕀𝕟𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝔹𝕦𝕚𝕝𝕕𝕤 background
𝕀𝕟𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝔹𝕦𝕚𝕝𝕕𝕤 users-three 299 60

a server that providers verified server builders and bot developers

Ludo.AI Community & Customer Support background
Ludo.AI Community & Customer Support users-three 382 55 2 2

Here at Ludo AI Game world, we aim to create a thriving community for game developers, game artists, and game researchers all around the world who are interested in sharing game concepts and ideas. We offer collaborative areas to immerse yourself with like-minded individuals to elevate your work. Our servers are always welcoming towards those interested in how AI tools enhance the gaming industry and latest models.