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The Language Abyss background
The Language Abyss users-three 1190 203 7 7

"The Language Abyss" is a language learning server with the goal of bringing people from all around the world together to help them make friends, create bonds and learn languages all at the same time!

Aethereal background
Aethereal users-three 55 19

Aethereal is a realistic alternate world geopolitical nation rp with all kinds of nations.

Agartha background
Agartha users-three 18 5 1 1

Agartha is a worldbuilding roleplaying community set in an alternate but realistic world searching for new and experienced writers.

Planetary Alliance background
Planetary Alliance users-three 356 48

We're a laid-back collection of gamers from around the world who support mental and emotional wellbeing and like to share things we find in the gaming world (including free games).

IPTG - International Public Transport Group background
IPTG - International Public Transport Group users-three 421 83 8 8

You can look forward to experiencing public transport, no matter if it's land, sea or air. This server also focuses on simulators like ETS2, Railworks, Garry's Mod (Metrostroi), FSX, P3D, etc. The main language is English. All countries are welcome here!

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics background
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics users-three 5020 594 17 17

Mock government server based on the former Soviet Union.

Rescue and Donate background
Rescue and Donate users-three 7 6

Welcome to our Discord server dedicated to helping those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey. Our server is a community-driven effort to provide relief and support to those in need during this difficult time.

cult of cultures background
cult of cultures users-three 17 16

you feel as an interidmentional precence comes close to you and whisper: join pls it will be fun

Eol Phuuazon background
Eol Phuuazon users-three 38 13

Join our NRP where you can create any nation, race, with elements to allow character roleplays as well, all supported by events and lax mechanics to allow maximum creativity!

Legendary Community background
Legendary Community users-three 51 22

The Legendary Community is a community that brings together people, players and developers. It is a place for everyone to express their opinion, share ideas and network.

Moonlight Readings, Services, & Oddities background
Moonlight Readings, Services, & Oddities users-three 283 42

Readings & Spellcasting services from a professional occultist & diviner of 9 yrs! Occult related items are available for purchase as well, come check them out!

Hey 👋🏼, we are an new international server advertising discord. The only thing we need are Members :) so pls join. What we have to offer: 🗣 Over 30 Advetising Channel 🗣 Giveaways 🗣 Nice and active staff 🗣 Patnerships 🗣 20+ Member

Welcome to the all New Dating International 18+ Mega Server We strive to maintain a drama free, uplifting community. We also aim to help our members find new friends, and possible partners for long distance love or love with someone in your area!

Spartak Gaming background
Spartak Gaming users-three 134 9

We are a Discord Community and many more. Join us with the link down below!

Verno 🌝 background
Verno 🌝 users-three 436 81 12 12

A safe place for you to make friends! Interact, talk, watch movies and play multiple games with people from all around the world :)

S3NPAI'S LOUNGE background
S3NPAI'S LOUNGE users-three 123 0

Community server for gaming and fun join today for amazing giveaways and have a great time with next level of Discord experience 👀 CREATED BY GAMERS AND CONTENT CREATOR OF PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

International Politics (WILL DELETE) background
International Politics (WILL DELETE) users-three 7 4

International Politics is a online simulation and the new home for everyone that likes politics and managing stuff. Grab your friends and found a country or be one of the biggest global businesses. Make friends or enemies, it's your decision. The history is in your hands.

Leave Your Brain At Home background
Leave Your Brain At Home users-three 216 112

We offer all sorts of stuff and were super friendly! Feeling lonely or need a fortnite squad? Mybe you need a help with your homework or about car? Here we have anything and everything!

INFERNUM IN TERRA| Gaming • Chatting • Semi - toxic • background
INFERNUM IN TERRA| Gaming • Chatting • Semi - toxic • users-three 174 48 5 5

A chill new server for everything and anything! If we don’t have something you like drop it in the suggestions and it will be added, help us get to 100 members

The Lounge background
The Lounge users-three 94 26 14 14

Chill Community Server for all sorts of things including gaming. https://discord.gg/us2Grpzhy7 We Have: 💎 Epic Boost Perks 👑 An Active Owner 🥇 Friendly Staff Team 🌎 Peaceful Community ✅ Verification System 🌈 Reaction Roles 🏆 Level Up Roles https://discord.gg/us2Grpzhy7

Mundus MC background
Mundus MC users-three 47 10

We are a growing Minecraft community centered around rp and worldbuilding. If you like servers like StoneWorks, EarthMC or DatEarth I am certain you will find yourself at home here.

Bad News Bears background
Bad News Bears users-three 4 3 2 2

Open to everybody who enjoys chatting, gaming, and generally just hanging out. Overwatch, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and any other games you fancy, hopefully, you'll find someone to enjoy them with :) Hope you decide to drop by!

WEEB's PlayZone background
WEEB's PlayZone users-three 168 36

A friendly Chilling discord server of anime lovers and games

• Republik Indonesia • background
• Republik Indonesia • users-three 4 3

We are a Roblox Nation, Based in Roblox, Of course, Jobs are coming soon, So stay tuned, We will release them sooner..

Zero Gen background
Zero Gen users-three 63 9

Welcome to our Discord channel for international students, expats and globe-trotters! This channel is a place for members to connect with each other and share resources to help each other succeed in their studies and experiences abroad. Whether you're new to the country or have been here for a while, we welcome you to join the conversation and share your insights and experiences. We have dedicated channels for topics such as housing, career, social life, dating, personal finance

Gaming Cunts Anonymous background
Gaming Cunts Anonymous users-three 20 3

Welcome To GCA : Gaming Cunts Anonymous a free open place for gamers to come join meet new people talk shit and game we offer weekly Gaming nights a free open space where no one judges Mental Health Support GiveAways will be coming soon

MoonlitsHollow background
MoonlitsHollow users-three 116 17 9 9

MoonlitsHollow is a spiritual based Etsy seller. Come join the MoonlitsHollow community on Discord! In this server, you'll receive exclusive coupons, early access to sales, store updates and the opportunity to interact with me and other members of the community in both text and voice channels!

Felinia@Discord background
Felinia@Discord users-three 72 29

The Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia is a micronation based in the Garden State, USA! Positions in government are available! This server is a work in progress, but help is greatly appreciated!