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Team Cardinalis background
Team Cardinalis users-three 1464 126 9 9

Thanks to the Team Cardinalis community find mates on a multitude of games. • Share your achievements • Participate in paid tournaments, scrims and funny events • Become a pro player for Team Cardinalis

InterPaws background
InterPaws users-three 82 45 2 2

an International LGBTQIA+ Safe space Furry Server known as InterPaws

International Hangout background
International Hangout users-three 2980 307 4 4

Meet people from all around the world, their culture, their language and their lifestyle. Come and tell us about yours :)

Linguatarian background
Linguatarian users-three 649 88

Hello! This is the Linguatarian community Discord server! We are a tight-knit community of language learners. Make friends with those who share similar passions for all things language-related. Practice and learn together today! We also have a YouTube channel where we post lessons done on the server. Discuss linguistics, culture, history, and practice your language skills here at the Linguataria community.

MEHFIL E SAMA background
MEHFIL E SAMA users-three 118 27 1 1

This server is all about talking and having social time with many new strange people who can be your friends too. We want people to be friendly and no any hatred among ourselves and want it to be safe environment.

Publish Advertising • Grow your server! background
Publish Advertising • Grow your server! users-three 583 88 2 2

Grow your project here, or find the server that you're looking for. We are experimenting new advertising features with our bot to improve visibility for your server.

The Oracle's Eye background
The Oracle's Eye users-three 23 10

A server that is meant to promote my personal spiritual services, but anyone is welcome to join regardless!

Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! background
Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! users-three 79 25

What is Corrupt Anarchy? It is a Cracked Anarchy server running on Paper 1.16.5 But you can join on (1.7 to Latest release) and has many plugins making a much better anarchy experience, Hacking/greifing/whatever you want is allowed.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics background
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics users-three 6325 579 15 15

Mock government server based on the former Soviet Union.

Parlement du Listenbourg background
Parlement du Listenbourg users-three 265 35

Bienvenue dans le serveur RP Politique du Listenbourg ! Deviens député, président, premier ministre ou crée ton parti politique. Rejoins-nous pour une expérience immersive où le pouvoir et l'imagination se rencontrent.🏛️👥📜🌍🌟

Hemeria background
Hemeria users-three 65 22

Hemeria is a realistic alternate world that takes place in the modern day, with are own custom realistic map and many current and past situations for people to interact and play out in. All types of nations and ideologies are allowed, from communist dictatorship to neoliberal dream state, a corrupt military Junta, a failing democracy, or a rising nations trying to spread a new ideology, Hemeria is the place for you! We hope you take up our offer and join today!

Fallout: We Didn't Start The Fire! background
Fallout: We Didn't Start The Fire! users-three 111 28 2 2

Welcome to we didn't start the fire! Caliph's Fallout server where we do dumb shit and the goal is fun. Of course it's the usual 2275 start date, and the usual staff and GMs. But I can promise you one thing, it won't be randomly deleted or stopped! Come one, come all! Join us in this blazing hellfire fallout server. If you do, you will canonically get an event about getting your own custom Protectron like Primm Slimm and Fisto that I will personally come up with! NO LIE

IPTG - International Public Transport Group background
IPTG - International Public Transport Group users-three 457 128 7 7

You can look forward to experiencing public transport, no matter if it's land, sea or air. This server also focuses on simulators like ETS2, Railworks, Garry's Mod (Metrostroi), FSX, P3D, etc. The main language is English. All countries are welcome here!

IC Discord background
IC Discord users-three 87 20 2 2

This server is for connecting content creators & streamers from across the globe to network and have fun. Ability to join the "Executive Producers Guild" for Business Dev sessions over exclusive voice and text chat

Dream life RP background
Dream life RP users-three 15 8

Hello and welcome to your very own dream life! Where you get to make any possibilities come true


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Discord nation servers are a type of server in the discord platform. If nation interests you join a server listed here today!