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Pro-Palestinian League background
Pro-Palestinian League users-three 172 37

The Palestinian people are facing an on going ethnic cleansing. It is our goal to spread light on this issue and coordinate on how to help Palestine. This server is open to all interested in peaceful discussion and those who want to learn more.

Интернационал background
Интернационал users-three 1302 206 4 4

Добро пожаловать на интернационал, интернациональный коммунистический сервер. Это сервер для общения, дискуссии и обучения марксизму. Мы рады активным и позитивным коммунистам. Товарищи, желаем вам успехов, удачи, удачной борьбы с буржуазией и победы!

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics background
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics users-three 6478 646 15 15

Mock government server based on the former Soviet Union.

Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 background
Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 users-three 15 11

The Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 is the actual communist successor of the former Pagan Communist Pact Discord server.

Politics & Chill background
Politics & Chill users-three 38 12 5 5

At Politics & Chill, we take pride in being the ultimate hub for political discussion and debate on Discord. Join us to be part of a vibrant community where your voice matters, and where robust debate thrives.

The Leftist Collective background
The Leftist Collective users-three 281 87 15 15

We're a chill leftist server with a growing library and many roles to fit your ideology or identity.

Skywalker Empire #0.9k background
Skywalker Empire #0.9k users-three 952 50 3 3

We welcome you to our Community, where discussions about socialism take place.

DPRK INDEX background
DPRK INDEX users-three 99 35 2 2

Founded on June 26th, 2022. We serve as a discussion forum for everything related to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

Solutions Wanted background
Solutions Wanted users-three 43 17

Solutions wanted! The world's got problems, so let's solve them together.

Virtusnovia background
Virtusnovia users-three 27 9

This is a network-built decentralized state where the community influences laws and policies and comes together to buy land in archipelagos and create syndicates. here is the link for the server of Virtusnovia https://discord.gg/ZRBByfWr7r

Flight Network background
Flight Network users-three 487 51

Anarchy: From the Greek prefix an-: "without; the absence of" and the Greek noun archon: "master; ruler" - without rulers or masters .

Anarchist Communist Association background
Anarchist Communist Association users-three 1084 152

Welcome Anarcho-Comrades! We are a relaxed community built around - 💠 Discussing, meeting, and connecting with fellow Anarchists and Leftists 💠 For the education and discussion of Anarchist and Leftist philosophy

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