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The Pub background
The Pub users-three 2643 211 6 6

Welcome to The Pub! This is the #1 meeting place for Dutch (Nederland) and Belgian (België) players, but other nationalities are also welcome, both casual and competitive. It's all about having fun together.

Rainbow Six Siege Mates background
Rainbow Six Siege Mates users-three 68393 13950 112 112

We host tournaments (with prize pool) and have giveaways, we are a Rainbow Six Siege related server, talk, share moments, share memes, find friends to play with and much more!

Ideal Concierge background
Ideal Concierge users-three 120 48 2 2

Trattiamo di tutto: gaming; musica; idee; creatività e dibattiti (ci proviamo). Inoltre, ci fa piacere poter regalare un momento di relax, utile per staccare dalla ruotine.

AUXTRAKT background
AUXTRAKT users-three 68 23 2 2

Welcome Gamers, We are an Australian based Discord looking to grow and improve gaming experiences across our great country, but rest assured, everyone is welcome here.

Seem’s Mp background
Seem’s Mp users-three 136 39 2 2

A place where all rainbow six siege players can sell, trade, and buy merchandise amongst each other in a safe mannor!

JorimHub background
JorimHub users-three 381 59 14 14

An 18+ social / gaming server. Perfect for finding others to play games or chat with. We host events of all different types, play all sorts of games and promote friendly behaviour towards everyone.

Mute Plaza background
Mute Plaza users-three 2350 145 16 16

This is the most trusted R6 black market in all of comm we have trusted middlemans trusted staff and we have a scammer lookout

Rainbow Six Siege Market background
Rainbow Six Siege Market users-three 10045 1055 14 14

✅The Market Leader in Rainbow Six Siege Accounts ✅ 🔥Selling ALL Rainbow Six Siege accounts for the best prices🔥 ✅Selling INSANE Rainbow Six Siege accounts✅ 🔥Safest trading methods 🔥 ✅ 1000+ Reviews✅ 💰 10+ Payment Methods 💰 ✅ 24/7 Support!✅

(MCL) Season 2 (closed) background
(MCL) Season 2 (closed) users-three 1524 297 6 6

Competitive server for rainbow six siege console. Participate in playing the best of the best in a best of 3 series tournament amongst xims and controller players

Rainbow Six ANDORRA background
Rainbow Six ANDORRA users-three 488 33


Midgar background
Midgar users-three 59 34 2 2

Midgar is a brand new (SFW 21+) gaming/community server mostly focused on siege (pc) and mortal kombat 1 (ps5 / pc) and also just a place to just hangout and talk to new people .

R6 Hungary background
R6 Hungary users-three 9 6

Sziasztok! Ez egy olyan discord szerver amit azért hoztam létre, hogy akik szeretik az R6-ot azok csapattársa találjanak vagy csak társalogjanak a játékról.

R6 Accounts background
R6 Accounts users-three 1044 82

real server with legit mms legit people n stuff we are legit

Hello! Im batsy! Im a small streamer o who made this server for my Community and anyone who’s interested in joining!

Gaming Tools background
Gaming Tools users-three 23 8

Hello everyone, this is a community server who's providing tools for lot of games, giveaways are also organized to let you try out our product. Join us and discover an other way to play video games.