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The DMV background
The DMV users-three 88 25 7 7

Join the DMV (21+ only) to win cash prizes, make new friends, and feel at home. We have gaming days we’re we all connect and play together as a whole. We will be so happy to have you all platforms and people welcome.

moonbeam arcade background
moonbeam arcade users-three 251 46 2 2

we are an 18+ gaming and sims dedicated server! it's a community to meet new friends, where you can hang out and talk about your games, or just life, complete with voice channels.

Dead By Deogen background
Dead By Deogen users-three 170 39 5 5

Come join us :) We love to play Dead by Daylight and hangout together. We are all very chill and ready to play! New and experienced is welcomed!

Tay's Quarters background
Tay's Quarters users-three 25 13 2 2

Are you feeling lonely? We can help! Join us to make more friends! (We offer the usual bots, art prompts, and other cool stuff!)

OCCULTUS® background
OCCULTUS® users-three 67 23 15 15

Occultus was created to reunite different communities of various languages all together. Here we provide Gaming experience, Chatting to find teams or friends, Spotify Playlists, Trash Talking, various collabs and more!

spoooky background
spoooky users-three 71 23 15 15

coolste dbd/valo Server der Welt . Du hast People die genau so gern Valorant oder Dead by Daylight wie Du spielen, joine und werde ein Teil von Spooky!

Dead by Daylight 🇮🇱 background
Dead by Daylight 🇮🇱 users-three 210 49

⭐️──────────────────⭐️ ברוכים הבאים לשרת הרשמי של דאד ביי די לייט מחפשים כל שחקן ושחקן אנשים איכותים ומדהימים לדבר איתם על המשחק ? בוא לסרבר שלנו ותיהיהו חלק מהקהילה המדהימה הזאתי ויאללה תיכנסו מחכה לכם ! https://discord.gg/9w6Hwahrb3

Tales of the Realm | 16+ DBD RP background
Tales of the Realm | 16+ DBD RP users-three 21 10

∦ The Fog is calling. Don't lie to yourself... You have no option but to answer. ∦ What do we offer? -Claimable Canon Characters [Stranger Things DLC Characters included] and the possibility of writing your own character; -Game and Movie Nights, for those interested in simply building a community and making friends; -Economy/Store system with easily earnable bloodpoints; -An easy-going community for those wishing to sit back and watch :) We hope to see you join us in

Cotton Candy Cave background
Cotton Candy Cave users-three 54 13

A community server for gamers and content creators. The server is intended for English and German speaking users, but everyone is welcome! Mainly Dead by Daylight!

Degen Hours background
Degen Hours users-three 58 23 2 2

Hang out space with channels for many games 17+ no NSFW pls :)

chilly background
chilly users-three 151 23 4 4

A cozy server looking to expand members! We have a wide range of fun activities and games!

Dead by Daylight India background
Dead by Daylight India users-three 30 8

If you are looking for a server to hangout while you play games this is the server for you. Enjoy uninterrupted troll free Chats and you can also bring your friends and have private chat rooms!

✦Hannah's E-Lair✦ background
✦Hannah's E-Lair✦ users-three 142 27 5 5

We're a small laid-back group of friends who enjoying playing games and watching movies/anime together. If you're in your 20's and are looking for people to just hang out with and have a good time, you've come to the right place!

Это Бан background
Это Бан users-three 460 25

Проект https://etoban.ru/ Разрабатываем крутой Minecraft сервер Заходи сейчас и учувствуй в развитии проекта! Вас ждёт много интересного! Подключайтесь и принимайте участие в жизни БАНа Ведется набор в администрацию! Так же мы начали играть в Тарков

Coffe bar background
Coffe bar users-three 34 16 15 15

Come hang out in the coffe bar. everyone is very chill and comforting.