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Girlboss meetup +18 background
Girlboss meetup +18 users-three 86 46

Server oriented for trans sapphics, heavily left wing, ask about diy hrt access here, predatory behaviour not allowed. Server for bad bitches and nerds

The Sapphic Club background
The Sapphic Club users-three 81 44 2 2

The Sapphic Club is a new club for sapphic women and woman aligned people to socialize and form friendships! We have a variety of games, forums, clubs, and upcoming events! It’s gone inactive, but we are looking for active members to revive it!

Leisure Lesbians background
Leisure Lesbians users-three 220 8

Teen Female Only Server Leisure Lesbians is a nsfw server for lesbians 13+ to meet other lesbians and lesbian sorts, we are a friendly community with trading, growing color roles, server suggestions, and lots lots more, come join us

Sapphic Glaxisy background
Sapphic Glaxisy users-three 33 20

This is sapphic server for 16 to 25 ages! If you are a man or straight, pls don join, as it is a server for wlw/nblw/nblnb. We also have separate verification for 18+ channels, which are seperated from minors.


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