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β€’VRC 🌴 Λšπ™ƒπ™Šπ™π™π™„π™€π™ŽΛš πŸ’ - Is a NSFW based Discord. There is lots of NSFW stuff. BUT before you have fun, check the welcome channel.

🌲 Oakwood RP 🌲 background
🌲 Oakwood RP 🌲 users-three 27 11

welcome to Oakwood rp About Server Oakwood rp is a roleplay community-based in FiveM, we are a growing community and we are recruiting for all departments! We welcome anyone willing to roleplay who is over the age of 15 years old. All me

Super People World background
Super People World users-three 16 9 2 2

Do you struggle to find english speaking players for Super People?😚πŸ‘ͺ

Super People Germany background
Super People Germany users-three 17 11 2 2

Super People Germany ONLY Nur Deutsch Nur Super People

Wutai Nation | FORTNITE background
Wutai Nation | FORTNITE users-three 12 6

A friendly, active and all-accepting community for all your Fortnite needs! | wutaination.com

Tales 'N Such (UT Roleplay) background
Tales 'N Such (UT Roleplay) users-three 19 10

This is a fairly new server for Handplates, Underverse, and normal Undertale roleplays. We use tupperbox to roleplay. OCs are welcome but please play at least one other canon character. We're a pretty relaxed server and just like hanging out! We're looking for at least semi-active to active members, though you won't be banned if you're suddenly not as active. Semi-literacy is preferred (at the very least one long sentence response, though we prefer 3 to 4). Hope to see

(NEW SERVER, ADMIN/MOD APPLICATIONS OPEN) ・。The Kingdom of Lucrezia 。・ β˜†*:.q. o.+..o .q.:*β˜†+ β˜†*:.q. o.+..o .q.:*β˜† *β˜†*:.q. o.+..o .q.:*β˜† β€’MUTANTS, a genetically mutated subspecies of humans that are

Vix's lovely roleplay server! background
Vix's lovely roleplay server! users-three 461 45

It's a fun server to meet partners to roleplay, it's more of an extreme roleplay server so if you're not into that kind of stuff don't join.

VR ERP background
VR ERP users-three 1337 368 8 8

πŸ’• A safe heaven for your kinky side πŸ’• Discord server for vrerp.net ,the first matchmaking site dedicated to vr erp. Find new VR lewdies, and make your sexual fantasies come true in virtual reality 😊

5X3 background
5X3 users-three 27 10

we do music like hyperpop and stuff we are also a collective

Roubles and Friends background
Roubles and Friends users-three 207 52 2 2

Need a group of friends to play with? This is the right place to be. We are a growing tarkov community dedicated to the game