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﹄Lα͢͢͢ce𝕪﹃#8881 ﹄Lα͢͢͢ce𝕪﹃#8881 Moderators
Looking for a staff spot

My name is lacey and I like to play video games, make food, eat food and I like talking to people.

developer#3450 developer#3450 Server Builders
Server builder, Community Manager/Moderator/Social Media Manager

i build customize professional discord servers for projects in the cryptocurrency NFT, defi space. Am also a Community Manager and Moderator

SmugTheKiler# SmugTheKiler# Bot Developers

I create discord bots for you, I am really good at this, or I can just assist you while you are making it! Keep in mind, I mostly use Discord.JS

MrShiesty#3402 MrShiesty#3402 Moderators
Experienced Moderator

I am a very experienced discord moderator and very experienced with crypto, stocks and NFTs! I am friendly, chilled and easy to communicate with energetic person! I am a shopify website builder, crypto and stock guru!

hyaimhope#3593 hyaimhope#3593 Advertising Managers
Professional Advertising Manager

A Professional Advertising Manager, Perfect to boost your server and help make it big. Experience in most social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord). I also have a server with lots of active people to Partner.

!!Boo#7547 !!Boo#7547 Server Builders
Setup Discord Server

I will setup an advanced discord. I am an 18 year old! I currently save money for my college. :D I love making Websites (DevNet, etc... , Cybersecurity (CEH, etc... ), IT (CCNA, etc... )and a few new stuffs.

RhyzAsahina#6687 RhyzAsahina#6687 Moderators
Looking for a Moderator?

Hi, You can call me Rhyz, I'm an experience Discord Moderator of a Youtuber's Server over 30K+ for almost 3 years prior. If you're looking for a moderator in your server, feel free to contact me on discord.

GlairOFF#8309 GlairOFF#8309 Moderators
im moderator/admin

im 16 years old and i wanna try something new for me like moderating servers in discord!!!

JuneKK#0677 JuneKK#0677 Moderators
30M Looking to provide the best user experiences..

Hi I'm June 30M Asian looking to work as a Discord Moderator. I'm new to Discord management But I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing. I struggle with speech disorder. But I'm always dedicated i

𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂#9551 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂#9551 Server Builders
Experienced server builder

I’m a fishkeeper with a passion for creating! I’m ready to be there for you and your server!