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[N.U.R.D.D.] Sacramento background
[N.U.R.D.D.] Sacramento users-three 50 23

It's a political Server, join Fjdnsjjsnssjjssndjdjdjdj

The Cum Zone background
The Cum Zone users-three 38 20 2 2

⋆ toxic, mostly friendly + sometimes political community of degenerates, autists, schizos and gamers ⋆ low mod / anarchy server, we welcome all types of retardation, only rule is TOS ⋆ don't join if you're sensitive

United Silverian States background
United Silverian States users-three 20 10

Have you ever wanted to run a country? You can in the United Silverian States!

Terastios RP whitelist background
Terastios RP whitelist users-three 8 6

1. Minecraft сървъра е whitelist 2. Този сървър е само за приемане на хора без whitelist 3. Сървъра е моднат 4. Минимална възрастова граница е 15 години

Jolly Roger Bay background
Jolly Roger Bay users-three 18 13

We are a experimental server based on discussion of politics,casual chatting and gaming. Free speech is allowed but moderated with tos

The Cryzec State is a Right wing, Gaming and Social Hub.

The Political Hub background
The Political Hub users-three 695 97 4 4

__**The Political Hub**__ The Political Hub is a strictly Moderated Political server that is all about Politics. The servers objects is too have members have peaceful debates about anything!

Order of Christ ✝ background
Order of Christ ✝ users-three 10 6

Welcome to order of christ. Here you can make friends, have fun, and share your thoughts with fellow Christians.

Chud Gaming background
Chud Gaming users-three 9 6

Hello peasants and welcome to chud gaming Chud gaming is a cool server with cool people you can met and explore Anyone is welcome of course, if you dont break the rules. Follow the rules and you'll be apart of this lovely community!

Authoritarian Discussion background
Authoritarian Discussion users-three 15 8

This server exists for the purpose of civil dialog between adherents of authoritarian ideologies of both the right and left wing spectrums. Non-authoritarians are also welcome to join, participate, ask questions, or debate authoritarians. All ideologies are welcome as long as you follow

The Way of Man background
The Way of Man users-three 267 58 8 8

Join The Way of Man Discord Server today for practical support in jobs, careers, education, and mentoring. Our tight-knit community is dedicated to the betterment of minorities, with a special emphasis on helping Black people succeed in the real world. Connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights and advice for your professional growth. Join us now and let's work towards a better future for all.

Federation Of Paxico (DISCONTINUED) background
Federation Of Paxico (DISCONTINUED) users-three 237 27

What we offer: —{ JOBS }— Many Jobs Such As Doctor, Accountant, Loan Officer, And Many More! You Can Become A President, Governor, Senator, And More! Become A Lawyer And Even A Judge! Join The National Sports Team! You Can Bec

MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 background
MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 users-three 11680 2204 17 17

We are bridging the gap between an existing ideological communities + an NFT Community + web3 Decentralized Media Network for freedom of ideas and expression. Know more at https://micemedia.io/ or https://twitter.com/THEMICE_

Political Roleplay Of America background
Political Roleplay Of America users-three 349 73 4 4

Political Roleplay of America is a political mock government roleplay server that is focused on giving each member a great experience!

The Gucci Directorate background
The Gucci Directorate users-three 197 46

Join our Empire, led by those who are undefeated in war, where vast success awaits for all.


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