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The Political Hub background
The Political Hub users-three 409 108 9 Boosts 9 Boosts

__**The Political Hub**__ The Political Hub is a strictly Moderated Political server that is all about Politics. The servers objects is too have members have peaceful debates about anything!

MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 background
MICE Media | 'The Trap' 🪤 users-three 1695 1208 21 Boosts 21 Boosts

We are bridging the gap between an existing ideological communities + an NFT Community + web3 Decentralized Media Network for freedom of ideas and expression. Know more at https://micemedia.io/ or https://twitter.com/THEMICE_

Otan RP background
Otan RP users-three 84 28

Italian GeoPolitical RolePlay 2022 where you choose a nation and with other player you can change the future!

Global Direction background
Global Direction users-three 27 17

Welcome to Global Direction. Global direction is a political/religious based Discord server. Our mission is to have a unfiltered non biased global conversations about politics, conspiracy's, religion, and many more topics. We have rules. Please follow Discord community guidelines as long as Global direction discord server rules prior to submitting a join request.

Political Roleplay Of America background
Political Roleplay Of America users-three 185 36 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Political Roleplay of America is a political mock government roleplay server that is focused on giving each member a great experience!

Kingdom of Transmere background
Kingdom of Transmere users-three 17 2

The Realm of Aeyerune is a player-driven Roleplay server based in a medieval light fantasy setting. Aeyerune is a new community looking to fill its ranks with realistic, mature (adult), experienced para-RP writers. Aeyerune is focused on Kingdom building and political roleplay. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly community. We strive to build an all-inclusive community where writers can build long-lasting, evolving storylines.