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Poke Nation background
Poke Nation users-three 9892 1805 16 16

Pokemon porn server (Yiff) ⭐Welcome to the great world of poke nation where the members live in harmony with eachoter. They do "research" about the mysterious (and sexy) pokémons. Join us and be our new member who can unlock the (lewd) potential of pokémon.⭐

Mommy Corp. PLC background
Mommy Corp. PLC users-three 360 69 4 4

Welcome to the Mommy Corp. PLC! The first server of it's kind to cater to everyone who joins with the highest quality of smothering from big, smoldering ladies of various species~

Server of the silly background
Server of the silly users-three 125 14

This is a nsfw server to meet new people and have fun! If you want to gamble we got a bot for that. (not actually gambling It's just a bot) We have bots that do different things for you including a music bot.

💝 Lovely City 🐉 background
💝 Lovely City 🐉 users-three 6572 640 13 13

Hello there!! Welcome to Reverie City!! This is a server that's filled with SFW and NSFW content.

Yiffin' Delights background
Yiffin' Delights users-three 24 16 2 2

Heya cutie! If you're seeing this ad, that means we have something special for you!

Den of Fur And Claws background
Den of Fur And Claws users-three 548 81 15 15

Welcome to our Discord Furry NSFW Server, we are a very friendly community that welcomes everyone, so can and join ^^

Yiff's Heaven background
Yiff's Heaven users-three 251 51

We are top #1 on discordhome for ''yiff'' content! A server owning S.A.P.D.S (Super-Advanced-Porn-Delivery-System) working on e621, furaffinity and soon inkbunny maybe even more!

Sharktibs background
Sharktibs users-three 2043 233 23 23

Heya cutie! 🧡 Sharktits is a place for furries, non furries, roleplayers, artists, gamers, shitposters, horny posters, and gambling addicts! We have a little something for everyone, check out our page to see more features~

The Furry Den background
The Furry Den users-three 82 20 5 5

You have to be 16 or older to join this server!! This server is a new server that's centered around furry’s and has some NSFW channels.Come join and have some fun :D

Horny Nightmare background
Horny Nightmare users-three 898 63 6 6

This server is for making friends and enjoying lewd things! You can enjoy Yiff, Hentai, and Porn in this server. You will need to verify your age with admin just to make sure you are 18 or over. Minors are not allowed in this server! If you join I hope you enjoy💕

Nemurya Zone +18 background
Nemurya Zone +18 users-three 346 58

✬ Welcome to Nemurya Zone ✬ ♥ +18 ♥ Hentai ♥ NSFW ♥ Furry ♥ IRL Porn ♥ Active ♥ Server Partnership ♥ NSFW Memes ♥ GOON ♥

yiffcore background
yiffcore users-three 28 10

yiffcore is an 18+ nsfw furry server aimed to share in the appreciation of yiff. Come join and become part of a small growing nsfw community.

Cum Kingdom background
Cum Kingdom users-three 39 11

New server in the works! Friendly place for those looking to roleplay or just share yiff. Welcoming to all that want to join my kingdom, from dragons to humans.

(Invite Only) background
(Invite Only) users-three 42 19

Hello! We're a small furry-centered community for the 18 and 30+ furries that roam discord looking for a place to call home! We have NSFW sections that are only visible through a special role, anything that's been deemed SFW is open for chatting and viewing! I can't wait to tell you what we have to offer, we have a little something for everyone and are also welcoming of non-furs as well.

Dead Server [Don't Join] background
Dead Server [Don't Join] users-three 56 16

A server for Furries who want a fun place to enjoy having fantasy roleplays in whimsical and wondrous environments.