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Stay Massive background
Stay Massive users-three 686 98 14 14

Hi I am a 16-year-old bodybuilder who runs this sever

Bloxburg Mayhem background
Bloxburg Mayhem users-three 203 13

Welcome to bloxburg mayhem! Here you can find hundreds of people to roleplay with,build for, or have people build for you! Not a bloxburg fan? No worries! Theres many channels unrelated to bloxburg such as pets and uno. We hope to hold fun bloxburg events in the near future as more people join our amazing server! Theres something for everyone in bloxburg mayhem!

The Ruins of Ellypsium background
The Ruins of Ellypsium users-three 13 13 2 2

Two moons shine upon the land of Ellypsium, a place of dragons and mythical beasts nearly brought to complete destruction by an ancient god now lost to time. Will you forge your path here?

Miguel's Dungeon V2 background
Miguel's Dungeon V2 users-three 45 24

Want a All in one, several community server, LGBTQ+ welcome, with gaming, technology, art, social media, music, anime, channels? Welcome to miguel's dungeon!

dnd universe background
dnd universe users-three 78 27 4 4

🎲 Experience RP chats with pop-up combat and a diverse world. Join campaigns and one-shots in our growing community of adventurers. Join us for epic quests and unforgettable stories! 🔮SFW✨

Global FaithFit Hub background
Global FaithFit Hub users-three 33 18

Orrhodoxy, Christianity, Gym, Etc etc...... join and see

ilovePCs | PC Building & Tech Support background
ilovePCs | PC Building & Tech Support users-three 3726 619 7 7

Join ilovePCs, the ultimate PC community! We offer all types of PC help and support ranging from: Prebuilts and laptops suggestions, PC building, Windows support, PC troubleshooting, tech support or anything software/hardware. Our extensive guide helps you learn about PC. There is a ping for people to get help faster. There is a ping for people to get help faster. This server has PC deals from all over the world. Join this fast growing and active server!

Hemeria background
Hemeria users-three 65 22

Hemeria is a realistic alternate world that takes place in the modern day, with are own custom realistic map and many current and past situations for people to interact and play out in. All types of nations and ideologies are allowed, from communist dictatorship to neoliberal dream state, a corrupt military Junta, a failing democracy, or a rising nations trying to spread a new ideology, Hemeria is the place for you! We hope you take up our offer and join today!

bloxburg builds&cash is a simple server, to request builders for you or to promote yourself as a builder for others to hire. within the server you can share your builds, review other builds, get build inspiration

🏰 DISNEYLAND 🏰 background
🏰 DISNEYLAND 🏰 users-three 53 30

We do the following at an affordable price: * Build Discord Servers * Build Websites * Advertise Discord Servers * Partner with Discord Servers * And much more...

Lego Tank Club [LTC] background
Lego Tank Club [LTC] users-three 8 8

For people that have a interest in tanks and the convenience of making them at least with legos.

RealiZm  (Dayz Livonia PS4) background
RealiZm  (Dayz Livonia PS4) users-three 10 6 1 1

New starting Ps4, Livonia DAYZ server. Modded a little to allow build anywhere and better stamina, loot is findable but not OP, as it allows a decent loot economy.

Spyro Tech Domain background
Spyro Tech Domain users-three 121 38 3 3

Looking to chat or find tech support? Well, Spyro Tech Domain is the place for you! we offer support for anything tech related. from pc's game consoles, to high end audio equipment! Remember to read the rules before chatting.

Mined background
Mined users-three 1161 115 1 1

Mined.to is a Community Forum that was made for Minecraft Enthusiasts.

The D20-Tavern background
The D20-Tavern users-three 8 7

'Ello There! The DND-Dunes is a place to share information, worldbuild, play or run games and just have a good time. A land of acceptance! Come on in!


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