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pretty social | movies & books background
pretty social | movies & books users-three 543 58 10 10

our favourite place to chill and hang out with our friends! we host regular movie nights and have our very own book club, so come and be part of something amazing

Legends | The European Saga background
Legends | The European Saga users-three 79 21 5 5

💫 Legends - The European Saga 💫 ✨ ABOUT US: ✨ ➶ | Active staff, members, and quickly-accepted character submissions! ➶ | Timeline for those who aren't as interested in roleplay. ➶ | Cute stickers and merch! ➶ | A freeform, well-organised rp system!

Mosaic background
Mosaic users-three 58 17 2 2

Server for writers, photographers, artists, readers and chefs.

Forgotten YA Gems background
Forgotten YA Gems users-three 51 9

Vote on monthly reads Participate in reading challenges Tackle your TBR list Talk about books!

The Writers Café background
The Writers Café users-three 37 16

The Writers Café is a place for writers to come together, share their work, find help with their stories, and build a community! None writers are welcome too, as editors, beta readers,, researchers, readers, or even just for the vibes!

Literature Cafe background
Literature Cafe users-three 33 5

Welcome to Literature Cafe! We are an on-topic reading and writing server focused on the umbrella of relativity fiction. We host writing challenges, create opportunities for people to read together, and much more. We hope you give our little cafe a shot :)

Citadel background
Citadel users-three 14 9

This colossal deep-space station serves as the political, cultural, and economic hub of galactic civilization. It is where the Citadel Council, which represents the major species of the galaxy, is headquartered, making it the de facto center of galac

Meem Yaser Community server background
Meem Yaser Community server users-three 8 4

اهلا في سيرفر مجتمع ميم ياسر! الجميع مدعو لمشاركتنا!

BloodStained Skies Series background
BloodStained Skies Series users-three 38 9

If you're into geek stuff: sci-fi, fantasy, horror and heavy metal, you may like this server too!

Kirby's Bookclub background
Kirby's Bookclub users-three 74 10

brand new reading server hoping to do botm/many buddy reads very soon !!

something something book club background
something something book club users-three 21 9

18+ SFW book club server! Mostly aimed at people who love reading, but there is also room for non-readers!

BookNook background
BookNook users-three 145 18 1 1

BookNook is a bookclub community to find partners you can talk to about your favourite books and authors.

Write It in Blood background
Write It in Blood users-three 236 35

THE focused reading, writing & productivity server with cozy vibes to spare! Take a seat in our Cozy Cafe & sip some coffee while you work or read ♥︎

Creativity Corner background
Creativity Corner users-three 85 12

Welcome to the Creativity Enjoyers! Here we enjoy talking, discussing our most recent creative works, and overall having a good time. If you want to get to know people and feel welcome, join us! Hope to see you soon!

Emerald Library background
Emerald Library users-three 9829 1223 22 22

The Emerald Library is a fanfiction and original writing community with hundreds of authors from dozens of fandoms with an emphasis on community choice and smaller mini-communities. The discord is for readers, writers, beta readers and editors, and anyone with the common interest of writing or reading.

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