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Bot Testing background
Bot Testing users-three 8 4

"I made a bot and I don't know where to test it". Join The Bot Testing Server! We got the Ion Bot! We Are Trying to get Developers on many servers! join now! 🚀

JS DEVELOPERS background
JS DEVELOPERS users-three 1389 184

The server completely dedicated to JS developers. Since 2018.

PHP DEVELOPERS users-three 5589 1063 2 2

The server completely dedicated to PHP developers. Since 2018.

Slash Web3 Payments background
Slash Web3 Payments users-three 302 62

Slash is a decentralised payment protocol, the full name of which is Slash Web3 Payments, capable of connecting to third party decentralised financial DApps via smart contracts and automating the token conversion process via smart contracts.

Discord Server Developers background
Discord Server Developers users-three 37 13

This server is all about making Discord bots, Discord servers, and coding. If you don't know how to make a bot, or you are an expert and you want to share your knowledge to help others make bots, or you are somewhere in between, this is the place for you.

Sprint Community background
Sprint Community users-three 27 3

Sprint Community! A growing community for Sprint language.

COLIZEUM background
COLIZEUM users-three 7399 699 5 5

Colizeum offers tools which enables game developers monetize any game by integrating blockchain Play-To-Earn economy into any game fast and easy. Colizeum is blockchain game store that allows gamers to earn by playing multiple games and make passive income by functioning like an individual guild.

Development & Tech Template | FlexGrafx background
Development & Tech Template | FlexGrafx users-three 76 15

DevHub is a programming Discord server. Everyone who has an interest in programming is very welcome here. It does not matter if you just started or have been doing it for years. This server is made so you can ask help with your projects. Very good server for students, meet your fellow students here. The server has a Dutch and English section.

GhostRealm - Coding, Programming & Events! .gg/developers background
GhostRealm - Coding, Programming & Events! .gg/developers users-three 8410 936 18 18

We're a Developers server, mainly helping and providing codes in languages/libraries such as Discord.js (Javascript), Discord.py (Python), Bot Designer For Discord, Aoi.js, Pycord...

Life's Community background
Life's Community users-three 4 3

Very basic discord server for everyone and their projects including new developers, still learning and even veterans at any age :)

Five Nights Rebuilt background
Five Nights Rebuilt users-three 11 7

The Official Server For The Sequel To Fazbear's Reborn,