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Underground background
Underground users-three 374 38 12 12

We're a PREMIUM, active community based server around the Dank Memer bot, using custom bots we make your experience even better! This server is run by Lamb, who is an official Dank Memer Support Moderator.

Kept background
Kept users-three 264 43

You able to play dankmemer and make new friends in our server !

・cityscape background
・cityscape users-three 677 124 1 1

Very chatty, many dank memer giveaways and heists, friendly and helpful staff. Mod applications open.

The Trinity | closed temporarily background
The Trinity | closed temporarily users-three 1786 187 9 9

┊ Cordis Dié ┊ 🔥 ・ Fan of Dank Memer and Looking for an active and friendly community? ┊ What we offer: 🏆 ┊ Daily Trophy Giveaways! 🤖 ┊ with no rob or heist enabled. 💰 ┊ Frequent drops and coin giveaways. 🎉 ┊ Fun events and competitions with prizes.

Demonic’s Corner background
Demonic’s Corner users-three 69 32

This server is currently heavily held up by dank memer! But we want a big diversity! Please join today!

Rpg Grinders Server background
Rpg Grinders Server users-three 148 37

A chill and welcoming community with members and staff that are always willing to help! Though are a community based on RPG Discord Bots, we also welcome discussions regarding other topics. We are awaiting your arrival!

Dank Memer Grind background
Dank Memer Grind users-three 31 12

Dank Memer Grinding Guys!! Join my discord server!! We have lots of fun things to do like Dank Memer giveaways, grinding, and a whole lot more!!! So come on, what are you waiting for!! Join now: https://discord.gg/Ps5MCjrKWs

𝕄𝕣𝕊𝕡𝕪'𝕤 ℍℚ background
𝕄𝕣𝕊𝕡𝕪'𝕤 ℍℚ users-three 25 11

We are still working on the server This server full of chill mods that will help you with anything non-Toxic people Free partner And Have fun

Dank Memer Palace background
Dank Memer Palace users-three 16 7

Server where you can join and chat. Meowbahh is stronger than everything else. We have many bots and somre channels to chat in. I'd love to see you join.

MAKEOVER background
MAKEOVER users-three 56 35

aesthetic ✧ lofi music 24/7 ✧ mental health support ✧ weekly streams ✧ friendly staff ✧ self roles ✧ + more waiting just for you!

Planet sigma monke background
Planet sigma monke users-three 52 16

This is a very bootiful and sigma planet about monke, It is about monke to honor our great lord and saviour Harambae

Golden Trades background
Golden Trades users-three 135 25

Welcome to Golden Trades, we are a dank memer discord server which makes trading a breeze and we have rob/steal/bank-rob disabled so you don’t have to worry at night of being robbed.

LGBTQ+ Social Hangout background
LGBTQ+ Social Hangout users-three 2032 189 20 20

This is a discord server for all members of the LGBTQ+. With reaction roles, bots such as DankMemer and RPG bot, art channels, pet channels, and a lot more.

World Control Server 🌍 background
World Control Server 🌍 users-three 77 28

Join our awesome discord server, we got everything you can think of, discord fun, nitro giveaways, game nights, your own country which you can run, you can have battles with your friends and take over their country winning you Dank Coin or our servers bot coins which can be exchanged for free nitro and much more

The Kazoo Krew 2.0 background
The Kazoo Krew 2.0 users-three 25 10

An amazing place for you and your friends to hangout!! We welcome everyone!!

(っ◔◡◔)っ 🍪 muffinized background
(っ◔◡◔)っ 🍪 muffinized users-three 70 32

hey a bot server just landed wanna grind or just talk? yayyayayayyyayyayayayayyaaayayayayayyayayayyayayayayyayyy

AsserGaming222 background
AsserGaming222 users-three 40 14

you are welcome to join we have dank memer robbing/heist enabled dank memer premium giveaways

Chatroom background
Chatroom users-three 56 14

A place for you to hang out with your friends and socialize with each other, you can even make more friends!