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Boredom Central background
Boredom Central users-three 54 25

yo whats up are you tired of seeing all those safe space servers and wish you could scream slurs every 5 seconds

We welcome anyone and everyone to come join, have fun, say what every u want..........................................................................

The Corn Hole background
The Corn Hole users-three 43 16

A small server that loves every topic! TV, Movies, Games, Anime, Art, Food, Pets, Pop-culture! Come in and make a friend in this lil hole in the web!

listerine background
listerine users-three 97 31 20 20

18+ server with lots and lots and lots and lots of cool people with big fat feet. join if you love feet, mayonnaise, and smelling foot fungus

Retro Revolution ๐Ÿ‘พ background
Retro Revolution ๐Ÿ‘พ users-three 29 16

Welcome to our gaming anime manga based discord server !We are so happy to offer various roles (more than 100 !!) And a cool community very friendly and passionate about video games Can't wait to meet you !

Itโ€™s very chaotic when active right now itโ€™s dead asf which is a shame but thatโ€™s why you should join it to help make it thrive again as it once did weโ€™re really cool and chill and honestly you can do what you want as long as you follow the rule

Weโ€™re open to all K-pop fan communities, just as long as there is no fan wars! All ages welcome!

Lichi Community + Tweaks background
Lichi Community + Tweaks users-three 1521 253 16 16

Best Community + Tweaker server ! Struggling With Fps ? This server will treat you right ! Looking for a Non Toxic Enviorement ? This Server Will Treat You Right ! Be Part Of the community Now !!!

qwokers background
qwokers users-three 53 19

hey new server would like if people joined we have alot of friendly and kind people e boys and e girls you can date in this server love everyone

Sonic Therapist background
Sonic Therapist users-three 31 11 2 2

You donโ€™t need to like sonic to join this server. You can make friends in this server. You can do anything in this server.

StarsLucid background
StarsLucid users-three 35 10 2 2

A chill, entertaining, safe community for everybody to join and have some fun in!

F R E N Z background
F R E N Z users-three 42 23

F R E N Z welcome, this server is a community for anyone to join

Asano | ๆต…้‡Ž background
Asano | ๆต…้‡Ž users-three 40 14

we are a chill discord community we play games and stuff

Universe 69 background
Universe 69 users-three 212 57

Cool + Bots + Anime + Fun = U 69! We have everything from Self roles, bots, partnerships to Anime zone, NSFW access, giveaways & many more! The best thing about our server is all the mods, admins and even the owner is available for help and support!

E-chat | friends | Give-Away background
E-chat | friends | Give-Away users-three 282 16 2 2

amis, discussions, cool, francais, tout ce qui est important pour un serveur discord !

GAMIFY CRAFT background
GAMIFY CRAFT users-three 17 4

Ein Gaming Server, auf dem du Spass haben kannst, mit Freunden.

Cute & Aesthetic Hang out background
Cute & Aesthetic Hang out users-three 13 7

Heyo! we are a new server who wants to expand :) !! we want to make many friends and help those with mental health issues. feel free to join! :)

Samarian Planetarium background
Samarian Planetarium users-three 21 9

My server is a fun place to chat, make new friend, come join my server

New System Rp background
New System Rp users-three 9 5

we are cool and have lore we are a good nrp is this long enough is this long please be

(Closed until notice) Puffy's FURmmunity background
(Closed until notice) Puffy's FURmmunity users-three 133 20 1 1

A relaxing server where you can find new people to chat and become friends with!

Euphoric background
Euphoric users-three 294 49 2 2

JOIN THE ICE SPICE FAN SERVER all ages accepted we funny asl WE NEED MORE MEMBERS FRL do what u want we do not care

Diozz background
Diozz users-three 54 12

Sur ce serveur tu y retrouvera des gens sympa et cool, avec qui tu pourra parler de ce que tu veut. Des รฉvรจnement y seront organisรฉ ๐Ÿ˜‡. Rejoint nous de suite pour passer des moment extraordinaire .

| ~ Meru's Home ~ | background
| ~ Meru's Home ~ | users-three 15 8

Just a normal server with a lot of bots Nothing much really.

$UICIDEBOY$ background
$UICIDEBOY$ users-three 368 34

This is a server where we all come together and appreciate the Boy$.

Realm background
Realm users-three 14 13

cool server you can hangout in and stuff and make some friends and thats about it i guess

ArkPlaysSmp background
ArkPlaysSmp users-three 34 9

This is a nice server hop on in and enjoy the nice server

Boondocks background
Boondocks users-three 34 20 3 3

need friends :) We mainly just chill but also play some games sometimes, plus movie nights.

The chill background
The chill users-three 21 9

A fire department looking for new staff a chill place for RP and very nice mods and cool server make sure to join roblox

โ˜†๏น< % CYPHER ?! ๐Ÿ’ฟ background
โ˜†๏น< % CYPHER ?! ๐Ÿ’ฟ users-three 35 19

Second attempt of promoting My server; itโ€™s a chill server where you can meet friends and mess around with bots:) welcome to anyone 11+

Chill world background
Chill world users-three 140 16

Chill world est un serveur chill pour se faire des potes, parler, faire des appels, jouer ร  des jeux avec des gens su serveur etc ... On peut y faire de nouvelles connaissances, parler et faire des appels avec les gens ! vous pouvez mรชme en retrouver qui on les mรชme centres d'intรฉrรชt (musique, gaming, prod, informatique, sport ou autre) Nous organisons des events type concours ou autre parfois pour dynamiser le serveur donc pas le temps de s'ennuyer... Venez nombreu