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Sunsets anime hangout! background
Sunsets anime hangout! users-three 24 15 1 1

Hello there everybody, my name is Lucas! I am the owner of Sunset's anime hangout, a utopia where you can play events and games, clash with your friends and race to collect cards in Karuta, and hang out with your friends alike! Can't wait to see you here with us! See ya!

Pokémpire ✶ Shinyhunt ⋆ Pokétwo background
Pokémpire ✶ Shinyhunt ⋆ Pokétwo users-three 2275 328 7 7

• Pokémon bots Only • Shinyhunt Only • Automatic Pings • Active staff • Name-bot

Flandrian's Karuta Lounge background
Flandrian's Karuta Lounge users-three 54 12 1 1

Fresh Karuta community (Started 21.01.2023) https://discord.gg/vNEvF36uae

🍃 Minecraft Friend Group! 🍃 background
🍃 Minecraft Friend Group! 🍃 users-three 43 2

I just put this together but Welcome to a gaming friend group!! ♡┆ If you are 16-18+ please join!! we want more older ppl to joinn :3 ♡┆We have fun bots as well to keep you entertained!! ♡┆ This server is very chaotic AHA, SO JUST JOIN RAH RAH ♡┆ We want active members, so if you are talkative you are welcome heree ;3 ♡┆ If you want a buddy to play games with, come find them here, and have

The Bot Hangout Club background
The Bot Hangout Club users-three 27 19

A fun place to use bots. all spawn bots are set to be in one channel, so come join the chaos. Dont see a bot you want? suggest it! So long as it doesn't go against TOS and is a public bot, I will add it. While the server is small, the more people that join and engage- the larger we will become!

saik1 starrs background
saik1 starrs users-three 473 98

Roblox + Social active rbx + nitro gvwys hiring PMS, looking for partners fun community

[CL] Chill Lounge ❄ background
[CL] Chill Lounge ❄ users-three 52 15 2 2

Welcome to Chill Lounge [CL], this server the only server on Discord with a great community, movies, gaming, and other things all in one server! We also use the Karuta card game bot, which I am totally sure you will love, as we all do and have been playing for a very long time. Come join us and make our community stronger than ever. GIVEAWAY AT 100 MEMBERS, BOTS DO NOT COUNT & MUST HAVE A ROLE OTHER THAN MEMBER!

Cozy Campfire background
Cozy Campfire users-three 21329 3922 84 84

An ever-growing non-toxic server for anime enthusiasts everywhere ! LGBTQ+ friendly place with a focus on anime discord bots.

Friends' World background
Friends' World users-three 32 8

Main server: https://discord.gg/jm4eC6szGs Bot Server: https://discord.gg/uYxBSZA9Y2

⋅୨ Kimi no Café 🌸 background
⋅୨ Kimi no Café 🌸 users-three 7980 1357 8 8

A multi-bot and multi-gaming community server based around popular bots such as Karuta, Sofi, and Dank memer.