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Angercord | Entertainment & Fun Server background
Angercord | Entertainment & Fun Server users-three 70 52

Angercord! The fun & chatting server. Friendly, safe, experimental, and more.

✔  Land of Kryptos background
✔  Land of Kryptos users-three 307 70 1 1

This is an active server that can help you to get friends This is a perfect space to socialize, hang out with others, and meet new people! https://discord.gg/GRqEKzmwc3

🅥 ⚡Пиар Вашего Сервера (ПВС)™⚡ background
🅥 ⚡Пиар Вашего Сервера (ПВС)™⚡ users-three 553 63 1 1

Пиар/партнерство/украшение и т.д для своего сервера, ты можешь найти у нас)

» Взаимный Вход (ВЗВ) background
» Взаимный Вход (ВЗВ) users-three 50 17

Сервер где вы можете легко найти себе новых участников на сервер или любую другую соц.сеть. ~ Минимальное кол-во каналов. ~ Партнерство от 5 участников.

Aether's Playground background
Aether's Playground users-three 22 14

Would you like to team up with other people? Or would you simply like a peaceful space where you can talk to anyone? Aether's Playground is for you!

🔥┋The BLAZING Community! background
🔥┋The BLAZING Community! users-three 53 18

This Server is made for ItzLiamBlazeXD123, His Friends and His Stuff... If you wanna join, join now!

Balls? background
Balls? users-three 6 5

If you need people to play with or long term teams, you are in the right spot

The LGBTQ Castaways background
The LGBTQ Castaways users-three 65 28 3 3

✨The LGBTQ Castaways✨ 🌈Come join our 13+ SFW all inclusive server!🌈 🌴System and otherkin friendly, including endos/mixed.🌴 🌊All LGBTQ valid.🌊 ⛵️PluralKit and Tupperbox included.⛵️ ⚓️Always looking for suggestions.⚓️ 🏝️ Custom Emotes🏝️

Naz Eclipse Recruitment background
Naz Eclipse Recruitment users-three 11 4

This is the recruitment server for the Naz Eclipse pack! We’re brand new, and looking for members! Looking for an active, family-like community of people like you? We’d like to meet you! Help us build our pack! We use a recruitment server to cut back on raids/spam! We are 18+!

Rendom || chilling room background
Rendom || chilling room users-three 106 17

just a chilling server with many people and do our work. u can join us if u want we really enjoy with new people on our server

-  Ahtlen background
-  Ahtlen users-three 69 24

(˶′◡‵˶). Kayoushi ════════════════════ @kayoushi.exe. ] ⬥ A server for community and multi purposes. 〰︎ giveaway in 100 members hm yes?. genshin co-op, other games

Counting background
Counting users-three 14 11

Hello there! As there aren't many servers on discord dedicated to counting, i decided to make my own. We have our own bot, that is always online, so you can count whenever you want. We'd love to have you!

The Comrade Kingdom background
The Comrade Kingdom users-three 100 16

We are Slavic based server. The server's original goal and mission was to unite all Slavs, ideals, culture and religion. However, we encourage and welcome people to join us.

Amazing Horror Story's background
Amazing Horror Story's users-three 12 8

Hello and welcome to the Amazing horror story server, In this server we do horror story events everyday. If you can think of one to say, Just say u need a moment and I'll put you back in the audience. When you finished thinking just say something in the event chat and I'll add u on the waiting list!

🎄 Shihimo background
🎄 Shihimo users-three 35 8 14 14

Приятное комьюнити, множество развлечений и розыгрыши нитро... Один из лучших серверов СНГ

Infinity Zone background
Infinity Zone users-three 12 4

This cool looking server needs staff come on a join up kiddddz

Mirena Mak Talks background
Mirena Mak Talks users-three 37 15

Here in this server, we talk to each other and make conversations!