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All legends are true: the myths, the gods, the monstersβ€”and of course, the Fates, who are the weavers of the lives of men and gods. But that’s all old news! It's the 21st century and with the world going downhill fast, you have a destiny to claim. So enroll at Oakenhart Academy for the Fated today! Hopefully, you'll survive! 16+! Semi-Lit to Literate! Urban Fantasy Setting with a Mythology and Folklore Theme! Chill Vibes and Good Times!

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[STAFF WANTED] Clouds of Eden is a small literate roleplay server based in mythology and fantasy. Want to be a mermaid, naiad, centaur, or regular human? Go for it. We have our own written lore, species guide, and a ton else. We strive to make a fun, safe, and caring community. As of now we offer; People who have way too much time on their hands who crave friendship A roleplay experience that's a mix of Slice of Life, Fantasy, and Mythology. Currently active staff Chaos