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Tails & Scales background
Tails & Scales users-three 57 23

Discover the wild wonders at Tails & Scales! 🐾 A community for animal enthusiasts to share, learn, and connect. Join us now! 🌿🦁

TheFriendZone | Social - Gaming - Fun background
TheFriendZone | Social - Gaming - Fun users-three 146 26 2 2

Get Your Game On: A Community of #Gamers, Roles, and Soundboard Delights!

Rizzy’s Harem background
Rizzy’s Harem users-three 7 4

We are a family of Thirstrated wild animals! A great server for you to join! Make sure to drink that water!

Stay Connected ☑ background
Stay Connected ☑ users-three 17 9

Yo yo, this is Stay Connected! The ultimate server for you! Join us now and become apart of the community! We awaiting your arrival! Welcome to the server in advance!

The Lunatic Asylum background
The Lunatic Asylum users-three 60 18 7 7

.·:*¨ Welcome To Raccoon Residency! ¨*:·. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ A friendly, welcoming environment. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ Raccoon Lovers welcomed! ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ Ages 16-18+. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ Active Chats and VCs. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ New server, still in the making.

🎄 ෆ ! animal lovers ! ᰔᩚ 🎄 background
🎄 ෆ ! animal lovers ! ᰔᩚ 🎄 users-three 38 19 2 2

Welcome to Animal Lovers-a server for people who love animals of all kinds. We're a positive community, and we offer all kinds of content for the animals you like, a fun/social/safe space, an aesthetic layout, and more!

Xen background
Xen users-three 10 6

We're a friendly server for all types of people to come hang out, play games, or just talk! All we ask is you respect the rules

Party Animals - Deutsch background
Party Animals - Deutsch users-three 107 28

Erlebe den Party Animals Deutsch Discord Server für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz. Auf unserer deutschen Party Animals Discord Community findest du alle aktuellen News

❤CATS AND DOGS❤ background
❤CATS AND DOGS❤ users-three 14 8

Cats And Dogs! We love both of those. Join if you love animals! We have images of animals daily! ❤️❤️

The Cat Den background
The Cat Den users-three 236 57

The Cat Den is an SFW community for all cat lovers, cat owners, and funny cat memes, we have many emotes, join to see funny cat memes, pictures of cats, talk about cats and silly games :3

lands of stars background
lands of stars users-three 17 7

The world will be plunged into darkness once again, will you help it or ally with those who wish to defeat it, follow your own path and may faith be on your side

The Bearlovers Den background
The Bearlovers Den users-three 57 9

A server for bear lovers. Talk about bears and share your favorite bear pictures and videos with our community 🐻

The Shark's Cave background
The Shark's Cave users-three 40 12 1 1

{NEWLY OPENED SERVER ! STILL IN SEARCH OF STAFF AND WELCOMERS!} Are you in search of a fun, safe, chill furry server where you can freely chat and make new friends without being ignored or even discriminated against? Well then this is the server for you! Ran by a disabled queer individual, The Shark's Cave is a chill 13+ furry server open to all and any as long as they offer the same hospitality.

Furryopolis background
Furryopolis users-three 28 12

This server is the heart of the Furry Fandom. Here, we talk about tech, gaming, art, and so mush more. Come join the furriness today!

The Bayou (The Division 2) background
The Bayou (The Division 2) users-three 4 3

Just a chill place to talk about bugs n other critters.